Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Cameroonians Must Hear This.....Lastest Gossips from Cameroon on FECAFOOD #Writampen

Country people, when I said sometimes ago that Popol is a man who springs surprises, some people said it was an overstatement. Have you heard that latest? Massa Jo was infront of the Special Criminal Court to give a detail account of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His accomplice Adioum de Garoua is expected too soon. Affair “Nkap” c’est trop serieux”. Remember Popol gave PM Yankee only one month to give him a detail report on who did what in Brazil.
  Boum! Boum! Don’t joke with Popol. He maybe slow bit always steady. Massa Jo, I have been informed was called up as witness. Witness to who, ekiee was he not the President?  Hahahahaha after Tombi, the machine has gone baaam, baaaam.
Massa Jo, it should be recalled promised to tell his portion of the truth in a Press Conference, yet did nothing. Now he has to face the judges. These guys are taking Cameroonians for granted.  I once told you the incident that happened in Brazil where Massa Jo told his boss Adoum Garoua Bolaya (Minister of Sports) that he (Massa Jo) was minister of Sports, Adoum was Divisional Delegate for Sports somewhere in one of the enclaved area. Na last time be time. Time has finally come for Massa Jo to tell Cameroonians what he has been normalizing for three years.
I was even disappointed that Popol could behave like Nkwame Nkruma of Ghana, Robert Gue of Cote D’Ivoire or Late Mbobutu Seseko of Zaire after the catastrophic trip to Brazil.
The story goes that in 1972, the late Nkwame Nkruma had to dissolve the Ghanaian national team due to poor performances. Remember that in 1994, Zaire qualified for the World Cup and when they suffered a 9-0 defeat from Yugoslavia, 2-0 defeat from Scotland etc. the players returned to Zaire after the humiliation, and were picked from the airport directly to the military barrack to be taught lessons on patriotism. Those who never returned to Zaire are still in exile today. Mbobuto did not only dissolve the team but he also changed the lions of Zaire to the leopards of Zaire. Robert Gue in 1994 did a similar thing to the Elephants of Cote D’Ivoire they were humiliated by the low rated Togo national side. The elephants did not moved to the second round. On returning home, General Robert Gue, by then Head of state ordered they should be taken directly to the military barracks on grounds that they needed protection because the fans were angry. But it was until they got to the military barrack that they understood the importance of patriotism.
Poor Cameroon! I am sure the judges will laugh at Massa Jo and Adoum Garoua when they will tell them what happened that they were scattering dishes in one hotel restaurant over gombo.I hope all the 250 delegates who chopped government gombo should pay back everything into the treasury and even spent some time in Kondengui. This FECAFOOD is a real chop pot. 

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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