Wednesday, December 9, 2015

COP 21: Climate Change Campaigners Demand Paris to Keep Fair Deal

 By Kaah Aaron in Paris

As the negotiators of the Paris climate deal got to work today a series of outdoor events were staged to bring their attention to the obligations of striking an equitable and ambitious climate deal on Paris
A campaign calling itself  “keep it safe do your share” urged  industrialized countries and big manufacturing companies to rethink their strategists and to help the world deal with the impacts of climate change rather than the horse trading that has existed  over heels of the climate change negotiations in the past. “We want France to be fair and to end this climate dead luck for the good of humanity” the campaigners chanted.
Animated by youths from mostly the global South, the gear of this campaign called on the COP21 negotiators and the world leaders to respect the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions INDCS for each country according to their capabilities and vulnerabilities in a bid to strike a meaningful deal at the end of this Paris rendez vous . 
Maria Alenjandra of the Peru Women Environment and Development Organization told the press and PAMACC that differentiating responsibilities in the drawing up of a climate agreement was a stepping stone on to recognizing the disparities caused by climate change   in the world.  “The world needs a common attention and responsibility to these issues “Maria said.
These campaigners added that it was their priority  to see  world leaders and those in authority holding to a fair  climate deal.  “We must see justice done   without compromise” Maria and her colleagues remarked. These youths took time off citing Floods, weather events, sea rise, and loss of bio diversity in the global south as impediments to the development of not only the youths but vulnerable groups around planet earth.
Yaris Aldi who represented Africa from the Angolan youth organization cited the shrinking of the lake Chad river basin and the unseasonal rainfall patterns as the consequences  of the climate change. In Yaris words, Africa was hit the hardest and needed compensations to cope. “This is why this campaign is about a shared distribution of responsibilities” He added. 
The placards displayed ran messages like the future of development is in risk if heavy polluters do not compensate for the damages they have caused the developing countries.

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