Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Delay in SDF Kumba II Reorganization - Function of Uncombed Internal Rules, Constitution

 By Felix Teche Nyamusa
The postponement of the reorganization of the SDF Kumba II electoral district executive committee members scheduled for November 21, 2015 to an indefinite date is an episode that is becoming recurrent in the party due to the somewhat ambiguous rules/constitution the organization which does not play well for our goal of capturing power in 2018 Cameroon polls!
Fellow militants, sympathizers of SDF  and Cameroonians, lovers of democracy in general, conscious of the destructive dictatorial governance of the amorphous CPDM regime; and that the  SDF alongside the objective opposition must take over power in 2018;  considering that Cameroon has been rendered heavily indebted, poor, insecure, corrupt ... and trailing socio-economically and otherwise even sister Africa banana republics, any delay in strengthening by organizing or smooth-running the country's number one opposition  political party spells continuous doom and misery to Cameroonians particularly the expectant grass roots . 
Unnecessary delays at electing the national organizing secretary during the 2012  national executive committee(NEC) reorganizing exercise; the lingering incapability of putting order in SDF Douala particularly with respect to picking a complete  regional executive committee for the littoral and now the Kumba II electoral district postponement of total reorganization due to feuds on directives are direct and/or indirect consequences of uncombed party structures and working guide lines which necessitates a review of the party constitution to tackle the exigencies of practical realities in the political struggle today !
The SDF regularly holds conventions, NEC meetings and those of the party's lower structures but they are not yet adequate to uproot the deeply entrenched Biya/CPDM evil. Strategic innovations and decisions including embarking on the country’s constitutional last resort (sustained uprising) are today imperative! Cameroonians have to brace-up like Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, the Maghreb countries to have effective succession and progress! The pro CPDM ELECAM that passes for Cameroon's elections body must be replaced; separation of governing powers must be ensured before the 2018 polls. All these ills of the vicious endemic ruling CPDM can be gotten ride of clearly when our party - Cameroon's mother opposition often timely re-plans. There is no room for laxity now from SDF following particularly peak party officials if we must attain the country’s leadership position in 2018!

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