Friday, December 18, 2015

Election of Deputy Mayor of the Nkambe Council: Stakes and Implications

An extra ordinary session to elect the first deputy mayor of the council holds today Friday December 18, a communique issued by Ngabir Paul Bantar has indicated. The forty councilors of the Nkambe council are expected to elect one of them to enter into the shoes of the former first deputy, Shey Emmanuel Yunwe who died last October after a lengthened illness.
Sources say today’s extra ordinary session shall be chaired by the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard. Though the exercise is only restricted to councilors, a school of thought holds that several forces have entered into the game. Notably, local party officials of Donga Mantung I allegedly have imposed a candidate on grounds of party discipline. More so, it is alleged that since Shey Emmanuel Yunwe hailed from Tabenken, the people want one of the councilors of that area to replace him. A woman name withheld has been tipped by party officials with the support of his in-law.  Allegedly, this decision has not been easy for some councilors to swallow as some councilors have vowed to challenge it. Tussle over the decision to impose a candidate by local party hierarchy is putting the party at cross roads. The issue of capability and aptitude has also resurfaced given that majority of the councilors would prefer someone who can do the job than someone who is handpicked to please this or that person. Ye a classified source hinted this reporter that three councilors of Tabenken held a secret meeting to endorse one candidate to contest against the one imposed by the party. Though Madame Samba is tipped as the next 1st Deputy mayor by local party officials, she might not have an easy ride sources say.
Adamu Musa of Binshua, Chifu George of Chup, Nforgwei John of Mbu-warr, Nformi Ali of Nkambe popular opinion holds could make good deputy mayor for Nkambe. Though Adamu Musa and Chifu George are not resident in the municipality, Nformi Ali (head of the council list) and Nforgwei John may sweep sympathy yet it is not clear whether any of them is interested . This is however pertinent because only one deputy mayor is constantly in the office and the work load demands at least two of them to assist Ngabir Paul Bantar.

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