Friday, December 11, 2015

Horror in Nkambe as Achaba Rider Stabs Female Student

victim in hospital
Tongues are still waging in Nkambe and Ndu towns over what has been described as a horrific and barbaric attempt by an achaba rider to kick the ghost out of a female lower sixth student of GBHS Bamenda. Sources say the young man whose name we got as Nelson aka star boy, achaba rider based in Ndu before leaving for Nkambe had told his friends that he would kill somebody before the end of the day. Late yesterday night, Nelson allegedly sneaked to Nkambe where he attacked his alleged former girlfriend with knives. The student sustained severe injuries on her stomach and several others around her body. It is thanks to the help of the neigbours that she did not die. It has been confirmed that this is the second time Nelson has attempted to kill his former friend. It is alleged that during the first attempt at Ndu, the uncle of the said girl who is from Binka took Nelson to the police and he was cautioned to stay away from the girl. After committing the dreadful act, he left for Ndu. Achaba riders in Nkambe are reported to have launched a manhunt to intercept him with the help of riders in Binka, but the search couldn’t yield any fruits.  Alerted, Achaba riders laid an ambush in Ndu yet the wanted Nelson having sensed danger escaped to an unknown destination. Sources say the young girl is responding to treatment at the Nkambe district hospital.
Public opinion in Nkambe is aghast with the act and the population has vowed to fish out the young man for him to respond to his act before the law court.

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