Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mobile Telephone Network: Libom Likeng Li Laments the Quality of Service, Challenges ART to Rise to Expectation

Minette Libom Likeng Li
 Minette Libom Likeng Li, Minister of Post and Telecommunication is not a woman to pigeon hole with. While on a visit to make contact with the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (ART), December 18, 2015, Minette Libom Likeng Li did not fail to comment on the inconvenience her ministry faces since the announcement by MTN and Orange mobile operators to migrate to 4G.

This former Director General of Customs exploded that when she heard that that some mobile operators have moved to 4G, she also observed that to make a simple call, one need to make three trials, she told the Director General of Telecommunication Regulatory Agency-ART, Jean Louis Beh Mengue. She even regretted to have paid for calls that she could did not get the voice of the person she was or calling.
She proceeded by reminding the Director of ART that "In your missions, I am very interested in the quality of service. There is a problem with the quality. Consumers are demanding and express expectations. You did yourselves followed criticism in the National Assembly and the Senate, as if nothing was done," said Ms. Li Libom Likeng.
She emphasized that "Art should know what it does, how it does it. Who knows may be that is why public opinion does not retain the right thing ", she instructed by warning that" when I return it will be to evaluate. Everyone should question it. In 2016, everyone must mobilize to make things better than has been done so far. ".
Anyone who would maladroitly say President Paul Biya was not foresighted when she appointed this should be considered as being in a state of sin, one of the staff whispered. Public opinion has applauded Madame Minette Libom Likeng Li for being exemplary in her approaches though not long in that ministry.

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