Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ta Nformi Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh Speaks out on the Art of Giving and Sharing (A Must Read Speech)

December 22, 2015. Keynote address at the Special Thanksgiving Celebration in Guzang-Batibo, Presided over by the Rt. Rev. Fonki Samuel, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church  

Dear brothers, friends of the Fongang Family, friends of Guzang of Moghamo, and of our country Cameroon.
This is a unique occurrence-a one in lifetime opportunity-to have the moderator of the PCC decent to us lowly ordinary people, at the level of the village or other rural entity, to chair a thanksgiving celebration.
We are so honoured, more than ever the tongue can tell or words can say. We see in your exemplary action an epitome of what it is that our brother Moses Fongang, the organizer and the brain behind this wonderful initiative had in mind. Nothing could be more humbling and yet uplifting and inspiring, than the image of you breaking bread with us commoners, for by so doing, the Rt. Rev. Moderator, his entourage, you all VIPs, elites and higher ups on the social strata are living embodiments of the art of giving and of sharing generously with the less fortunate, the needy, and the less endowed. It is an art because it is intuitive. It comes from within which means that each one of us can make it happen.
Yes, the art of giving and sharing is that which the organizers summoned us today-not in the limited sense of the one day event; not on the routine of a once a year ritual; but as a lifetime commitment that brings out the best in us and highlights the most positive contribution we could ever make to humanity.
As the famous Poet John Holmes stated “there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”. And yes it is not just about material. It is also about sharing, giving, demonstrating love, compassion and understanding to the distress and the distrait. It is about reaching out to the young orphans, perhaps a little confused by the challenging circumstances into which he or has now been thrust by event which they have no control. But yes, the same orphan whose future your generosity of heart and your tenderness of soul could touch and transform once and for all.
And yes, it is about reaching out, giving and sharing with that widow or widower impacted by the sudden and inexplicable parting of a love one, but whose own humanity could blossom afresh by your kind hearted actions that allow her to revive her sense of being and regain her pride and dignity as a full fledged member of our global community.
There is no greater joy in my mind than reinforcing the message to you all good people, that we become a great people when we reach out and become each other’s keeper, especially for those that need an extra hand and /or an extra shoulder on which to lean. Kindness, philanthropy, generosity of the purse and of the heart are virtues that lift up humanity. Like a rising tide, they lift up all the boats. So let us pledge, each and every one of us, from this day forward, to transform the exuberance, the brightness, the kind heartedness, the joy and exorbitant generosity exhibited here today into a moment of daily occurrence, each day of our lives, till eternity. And let us be driven by the words or one of the world’s greatest philanthropists Mother Teresa who said and I quote, “it is not how much we give but how much love we put in giving”.
Thank you immensely for your physical presence here today, and your extraordinary support to this wonderful initiative. May we collectively share the joy and the sense of accomplishment in knowing that we go forth with a vision and a mission, and the zeal to meet this self imposed goal by heeding the call when the voice call from within our inner selves or from the society that we strive to serve.
Thank you very much for your time and attention, and we wish you a safe return to your respective destination after the end of all phases of the ceremony.
Ta Nformi Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh

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