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Chieftaincy/Land Dispute: Another Bloody Confrontation Explodes in Donga Mantung

An atmosphere of uncertainty looms between two villages (Njap village in Nkambe Central Sub Division and Kamine village in Misaje Sub Division) of Donga Mantung Division after a bloody confrontation has left six indigenes of Njap on hospital bed. Sources say the people of Njap who on the early morning of January 2, 2016 were travelling to attend the funeral celebration of late Fai Ndingansi (quarter head of Njap village in Nkambe Central Sub Division) who was shot and killed on March 31, 2015 were ambushed by Kamine vandals. It is alleged the vandals were acting on instructions from their fon and some local administrators. Six indigenes are currently receiving treatment at the Nkambe District hospital. They were attacked with clubs and matchets while one of them was allegedly kidnapped and locked up at the Kamine Fon’s palace. Tension is reported to have reached crescendo when the fon of Kamine said that he was acting in accordance to the (Prefctoral Order) issued by the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard. According to what we gathered, the Fon of Njap on his part resisted that the North West Administrative court had ruled and suspended that Order reasons why he and his people had to carryout the cry-die of their quarter-head.
The most controversial part of the Prefectoral we gathered was the fact that SDO for Donga Mantung, Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard in Article Three which states that “the Divisional Officer for Misaje and his security collaborators shall administer the quarter, in account of proximity during the period of suspension” reasons why the fon of Njap took the matter to the Administrative Court. In his argument, the Fon of Njap wondered whether Bakassi was handed to Nigeria because of proximity. The Fon of Njap is alleged to have decried that it is not because of inaccessibility or motorable road through Njap village that the fon of Kamine will take advantage to occupy part of his village. He discarded the proximity claims, adding that if such were tenable, Furu-Awa and Akwaya would have been administered from Nigeria for proximity reasons. It should be noted that Ngong has had a history of hostility. It said that at one moment someone was found death in the house under strange circumstances. In another instance, another person was shot to death, his wife beaten to death and the perpetrator was only slammed a three years jail term. The latest being the shooting to death of Fai Ndingansi.  All the victims have been from Njap village.
Allegedly, some elite(s) were playing the game of the mastiff in instigating the dispute.
When contacted on phone, Hon. Awudu Mbaya said that the ambushed was fueled by the administration of Misaje given that the said Prefectoral Order handed that piece of land to them. It is even alleged that the Divisional Officer for Misaje did nothing to clear the road blocks mounted by the vandals. A source in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization hinted this reporter that heads will roll. Security reporters we gathered have placed some administrators and elite(s) on the blame and anti-terrorism law looms large on Kamine vandals.
SDO, Kamine Fon Violate Administrative Court Ruling?
The Eye is aware that the North West Administrative Court had in Order No 009/SE/PC/2015 Granting an Application for Stay of Execution between the Fon of Njap and the State of Cameroon (SDO Donga Mantung) the court ordered that:
Article 1: The application for a Stay of Execution of Prefectoral Order No 094/PO/E27/C.111/SASC to temporarily regulate the performance of traditional rites in Moh/Tchina (Ngong/Tchina) quarter disputed by Njap village in Nkambe sub Division and Kamine in Misaje sub Division, is hereby granted.
Article 2: The effects of the said Prefectoral Order No 094/PO/E27/C.111/SASC (supra) are suspended.
Article 3: Cost is reserved
Article 4: The registrar-in-chief of this court shall notify the parties and the legal department.
Tongues are still waging as to why the SDO for Donga Mantung upon arrival at Ngong ordered the military to destroy anything that showing that the funeral of the sub chief being celebrated. Though The procured a copy of the said ruling it is not yet clear whether the SDO for Donga Mantung was properly served a copy. However, the people of Njap believe that the road blocks mounted by the Kamine vandals was masterminded to later say the peace was jeopardized. When contacted the Mayor of Misaje Council Sammy Mbgatta said he was not aware of the Court ruling and added that peace should always be given a chance. He refuted allegations that he was aware that Kamine youths were to attack the people of Njap who were traveling on achaba to Ngong.It should be recalled that only those who traveled on motorable road were ambushed but majoirity who trekked from Njap without passing through Kamine were not attacked. 
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