Saturday, January 2, 2016

Latest Gossips from Cameroon---RESILIENCE Oyee!! #Writtampen

By Writtam-pen
My country People, Happy New Year to all of you out there. Let God’s abundant blessings reach your
President Paul Biya
homes and hearts, Amen. Do you know that Cameroon behaves like a jungle? In the jungle life is short, uncertain and the fruits thereof are uncertain given that everyone is suspicious of everyone. Many people including your Writtam-pen have been questioning whether it is not a government policy to allow things to go wrong?
Popol Oyeee!! Have you heard the latest from Popol? I said that Popol is very creative, smart and he always creates the unexpected. The man thanked Cameroonians for being RESILIENCE. “You would agree with me – I believe – that a single word suffices to describe our country during the year that is drawing to an end: RESILIENCE”. That is the new terminology that the Press will be babbling and wobbling over at this New Year. Do you know Popol told Cameroonians that he created more 337 660 jobs and that “In this regard, I am pleased to note that 1 175 358 jobs have been created from 2011 to 2015”. If we take into consideration that the backbone of job creation lays in electricity, yet in Cameroon, electricity is epileptic. But how do we cross-check that what the President said was a fact and where are those jobs? Oh la la!
Whenever I think of the type of people that surround President Biya and who have ruined this country with lies, it cripples me with shame and low self esteem which is deeply painful. I see now that people who abuse those who are telling the truth are just moral cowards and being cowards, fear is what guides their behavior. I see they’re not exactly happy living in that state, nor comfortable, but to feel sorry for them would be like going into a monster’s cave, seeing this slimey blob of a greedy little beast, a corrupt, evil, self serving, full of lies, without conscience beast.... and seeing that the monster is creating a living hell on earth for itself through its own greed and evil, but is just too ignorant to see that. In fact that is what has made Cameroonians to be RESILIENCE. Should Popol wait for a whole year to tell Cameroonians how the country is fairing?
Popol did not even talked much about the fight against corruption as if to say we have succeeded. President Biya in 2008, fuel prices were increased by FCFA 83 and in 2016 Popol reduced just FCFA 20. As to why Cameroonians continue to pay fuel very high remains a mystery only known to the state. Popol maybe has interest only in the rich. What is the impact of the reduction to my mother in the village that uses kerosene? When Popol took power, a liter of kerosene was FCFA 65 yet today a liter is about FCFA 365. The way ministers share petrol bonds to their girlfriends is an acute problem that your Writtam-pen digging into it.
On why the head of state decided to increase allowances for families remains a real problem. Docy men will deliver 20 children every year to grab the gombo. 
Do you know that i got only a rebroadcast of the President's message because electricity went off. I hear the same thing happened in the entire North West and part of the South West Region. Chai, we are really very RESILIENCE PEOPLE

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