Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nnamdi Kanu's Health Deteriorates in Detention - IPOB

 An alarm has been raised on the deteriorating health of the founder of Radio, Nnamdi Kanu after he is being held in DSS detention for over three months now.

Radio Biafra Founder, Nnamdi Kanu
The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB has raised an alarm, accusing the Department of State Security of denying Nnamdi Kanu medical treatment as his health in detention deteriorates. It claimed attempts by the founder of Radio Biafra to have his doctor attend to him have been stopped by the DSS.
 IPOB  Media and Publicity Officer, Mr. Emma Powerful alleged in Nnewi on Sunday, that the Federal Government through the DSS has perfected plans to systematically kill Kanu in the DSS  cell by denying him medical attention and subjecting him to torture on daily basis.
 “Information from a reliable DSS source revealed that the Federal Government is also planning to transfer Mr. Kanu to a particular cell in the country where members of Boko Haram are detained, and it is their plan to kill him there,” Powerful said
 He said that IPOB had written the United Nations, the African Union, AU, United States of America, Russia, France, Israel, Britain and Amnesty International, including other relevant world bodies and organizations about the life threatening treatment being given to Kanu by the Federal Government  through the DSS operatives.
 He also warned the FG that if anything should happen to Nnamdi Kanu in detention, there will be more chaos. He accused Buhari of disobeying court orders after two competent courts of jurisdiction have granted him bail.
 “President Buhari and DSS will have no defence if they  allow Mr. Kanu to die in the hands of DSS, more so when two competent courts of jurisdiction have granted him bail. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. A word is enough for the wise. Nobody is sure of his health condition now, and therefore, Kanu should be released and allowed to see his doctors.
“The present administration’s continued detention of Kanu when the courts had granted him bail is a flagrant abuse of power and lawlessness on the part of President Buhari and the DSS, and Nigeria is gradually  reverting to dictatorship.

“The President is behaving as if he is above the law. Why can’t he respect the law if he has regards  for  democratic government, or is this  the change he is talking about, going from lawfulness to lawlessness?”

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