Friday, January 15, 2016

PM Yang, Meeting of North West Elite(s) in Yaounde Tell Fon Teche to Quit NOWEFU

Fon Teche
North West Elite(s) meeting in Yaounde have decided that HRH Senator Fon Teche, the outgoing President of the North West Fons Union-NOWEFU must organize an elective General Assembly so as to hand over the leadership with immediate effect. The Eye gathered that North West elite(s) mostly high profile personalities in government took that decision last week in a stormy meeting. The elite also called on the outgoing President of NOWEFU to facilitate the adoption of a new constitution. They decried the fact that the one-time biggest lobbying group that is wallowing in the gutter. Prime Minister Philemon Yang, The Eye is aware was very bitter that a one-time enviable association has been transformed into a sinkhole by its present leadership. According to the hint, PM Yang gave just two months for NOWEFU outgoing President to organize the elective general assembly. It should be recalled that Fon Teche’s mandate expired in March 2015 reasons why PM Yang is quoted to have given firm instructions to that effect.
Donga Mantung Division was expected to produce the next President of NOWEFU yet matters came to a head when the Fon Chafah in his capacity as founding member took the matter to court. Last December, the Mezam High Court ruled that the outgoing President should organize an Annual General Assembly to adopt a new constitution as well as hand power.
Yet HRH Fon Teche has been mute. Allegedly, the court ruling even gave him the leeway to remain in power up to 2018.  Public opinion in the North West Region has saluted the fact that Prime Minister, Philemon Yang as well as North West elite in Yaounde have decided to put an end to the precarious crisis in NOWEFU.  Worthy to note that Fon Teche Njei who is Fon of Ngyen-Muwa village in Momo Division, and Senator, was elected President of NOWEFU on March 16, 2012. After serving his three years term as spelt out in the Union’s constitution, Teche’s mandate expired on March 16, 2015. His reluctance to convene an elective general assembly after the expiration of his mandate is the reason behind Chafah’s warning. The situation has left many to conclude that there is a power vacuum at the helm of NOWEFU.  

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