Friday, January 8, 2016

Skirmishes in Mokolo Market: 300 People Arrested

The incident exploded when some vandals of Briquetterie attacked the 2nd Police District, Mokolo-Yaounde.  The vandals armed with clubs and matchets also invaded the nearby Mokolo market, where they looted and wounded several traders and costumers. They were protesting against the police operation the previous day, which led to the death of suspected gang member. It is said that one of his victims, a woman who called the police for help when his hand bag was snatched by the thief.
Security forces have established a cordon and following police raid, some 300 suspects have been napped. According to Divisional Officer forYaoundé II, Ousmanou Nji Yampen the situation is under control. "It's the least I can say for now”. He is quoted as saying that about 300 people have been arrested and detained.

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