Sunday, January 31, 2016

Strange Beast Takes Over Disputed Piece of Land in Donga Mantung, Chases Population Away

An atmosphere of uncertainty looms at Ngong, quarter of Njap, a piece of land under dispute between Njap (Nkambe Central) and Kamine (Misajeb Sub Division) following the presence of a beast that has created panic. Reports say a strange beast, (buffalo) has taken over Ngong chasing away the inhabitants of neigbouring quarters, grazers and farmers. It is alleged attempts by some hunters and law enforcement elements to kill the buffalo ended up in frustration as the beast resisted and became more furious in attacking people. Allegedly, the buffalo attacked and chased away those who came armed with guns to kill it. According to a hint, the beast has been parading the borderlines between Kamine and Njap. A school of thought holds that it is the spirit of Fai Ndingaseh who was assasinated by unknown gun men that has resurfaced to take over his ancestral land. It is even alleged that ever since the administration of Donga Mantung placed an injuction on the funeral of the late Fai Ndiganseh, some strange beasts have always been spotted around the secret place where he was laid to rest, mostly during the night. Unconfirmed sources talk of a lion and tiger. Matters came to a head when the buffalo surfaced around his compound and attacked the homes of some grazers. The grazers we gathered have been scared by the presence of the buffalo. This incident we gathered is happening when the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung is trying to put in place a land dispute commission to investigate into the issue after the administrative court nullified his decision attributing the administration of Ngong to Misaje for reasons of proximity.
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