Monday, January 11, 2016

When "Miss Wrong" Waits for 'Mr Right'

 All ladies want a Mr Right who will treat them right and bring heaven down to earth for them. The question most of them don't ask is if they can also be called 'Miss Right'.
 Most times when you see a single lady and you engage her in a conversation on why she is not married, they often give many reasons but one that has most times formed their argument is that they have not seen ''Mr right''. When you probe further on what qualifies a man as Mr right? Then you are in for an answer that could rival any essay in a WAEC exam. You will such things as he must be tall, handsome, rich, treat me like a queen, must not be a cheat, and others to numerous to mention.
As they say, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, many women want MR. RIGHT but are MISS WRONG. Equity demands that since you want Mr. Right, you should also be "Miss right" of strive to be one in order to strike a balance when you both finally meet or even to be ahead of other women in getting married.
Sadly enough, many women are "Miss Wrong". They don't have what it takes to be married. They want to get married but they still keep more than one man, many of these Mr right seeking ladies can't cook, clean the home, and do laundry. They lack rudimentary elements of how to make a successful home. A friend of mine just parted ways with a certain lady who each time she cooks, the oil used in preparing such meal will be enough to cook three different types of food. He has tried to teach her, but it appears there's no success in sight.
Some of these women have not improved themselves over the years to make a man consider them for marriage. Many over eat themselves and get unnecessarily fat and ugly, what to them is beauty is to fix all the artificialities of this world and engage in frivolous spending on irrelevant things. Some ladies, their wardrobe alone can start three boutiques in their street of which none of the money used in buying those things was sourced by them.
A lady that is up to marriage age should have something doing and has weaned herself off different bad characters. You don't expect to married to a Mr right and you are Miss wrong yourself are expecting to go and pollute his rightness or complement it. Will it be fair to be Miss wrong and you expect Mr right?

By Princewill Chimereze.

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