Friday, February 5, 2016

Backlash to Political Hatred: SDF, CDPM Militants Commune with Hon. Awudu Mbaya

The Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre, Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian who doubles as Questor at the National Assembly has urged the people of Bongom, Chup, Wat, Mbaa, Nwangri, Bih, Saah, Binjeng, Kungi, Tabenken, Binshua and (13 other) localities in Nkambe central sub Division to be advocates of peace and social change in their communities. Hon Awudu made the clarion call during a Midterm Thank You Tour that took him to several localities of Nkambe Central Sub Division. He used the opportunity to call on the population to shy away from politics of bitterness and hatred. Midterm Thank You Tour, he said is intended to bring together everyone without looking at party leniency. “This is not time for campaigns”. The tour which started at Kup village with the blessings of the gods of Merry reached its climax at Wanti, Mbaa and Wat market square where CDPM militants dressed in their party outfits joined the SDF in welcoming their MP. There was euphoria and jubilations as both party militants sang the famous “we are one, we are together” song. Though some local CPDM bigwigs were threatening militants, the militants of Wat and Mbaa stood their ground arguing that “enough is enough” and would not continue to accept that they are torn apart in the name of politics. The presence of the fons of Wat and Mbaa gave them the courage to engage into what has been described as a backlash to political hatred in Mbumland.

Traditional Rulers Ignite Hope  
 HRH Fon Valentine of Wat who doubles as CPDM councilor for Nkambe also defied all the odds to be part of the merrymaking. Addressing the population in his capacity as the ruler of Wat people and not councilor of the CPDM, the fon said that Hon. Awudu is the Member of Parliament for all and not of a single political party. The fon of Mbaa village on his part said that ever since multi party politics was reintroduced, the SDF has never ever lost an election in his village.
The fon of Kup on his part was categorical that Hon. Awudu Mbaya must go back to Parliament because he is the people’s choice. “Those who think that they can replace him are on the wrong side of history”, he added. HRH Fon Nformi Nfor of Bongom was very optimistic in his statement. He said that Hon. Awudu Mbaya should accept the people’s call to go back to the national assembly. “You are the one to go back and represent us in Parliament” he concluded.
The fons of Kup, Bongom and Mbaa were categorical that given the trappings of Hon. Awudu Mbaya, he should contest in the upcoming legislative elections. This call it should be noted was echoed by the SDF Zonal chairman for Bongom who in welcoming the MP and his entourage said that the population of Bongom village have chosen Hon. Awudu as their candidate for the upcoming legislative elections in 2018. Other fons who defied the party leniency to receive the MP included the Fons of Binshua and Kungi. Yet tongues are still waging as to why the fons of Saah, Bih and Tabenken did not attend the ceremony. It is even alleged some fons have been intimidating villagers to militating in the SDF. The case of the Fon of Saah where SDF zonal chairman decried that they were victimized by the village authorities.  

MP Dolls Out Parliamentary Goodies  
At Kup village, the MP donated 10 bags of cement for the plastering of the village hall and plywood for the rehabilitation of the Kup palace hall. He used the opportunity to donate additional bags of cement to Fai Bondi of Kup for the rehabilitation of the sub palace. In Bongom, Hon. Awudu embarked on the construction of the Bongom palace project (paid for 3000 sundried bricks, builders and 5 bags to kick start construction project which he had donated two bundles of zinc. At Mbabi-Wat, he donated 20 bags of cement for the plastering of the Yakwa and Nkfumdung youth halls and then zinc, sundried bricks, cement and zinc for the construction of Fai Ndimbep’s sub palace which was consumed by fire some two years ago.
At Konya, the MP also doled out 10 bags of cement for the plastering of GS Konya, another 10 bags of cement for the Nwangri Youth Hall and an additional 10 bags of cement, 3000 sundried brick to support the WACUDA construction project at the Nwangri Palace. At Mbaa, Hon. Awudu donated 10 treated electricity poles and cables for the extension of electricity to the Mbaa fon’s palace. At Mbanka, he donated 10 bags of cement for the renovation of GS Mbanka and an additional 10 bags for the rehabilitation of the Ntoh Youth Hall (Wat Palace). In Binshua, Wat market square and Tabenken, Hon. Awudu doled out 30 bags of cement for the renovation of the market sheds he constructed as part of micro project during his first mandate. At Binju, he also donated 10 treated electricity poles for the extension of electricity to some quarters, 10 bags of cement for the renovation of Binju sub palace and 10 bags of cement at Mayo Binka for the rehabilitation of the primary school. At Kindfu-Wat, he gave us 10 bags of cement for the renovation of the community hall and promised to support the construction of two bridges linking Wat to the Ngoro zone.  
Keynote Message
 “It is only when there is peace that we can make this Sub Division a small heaven”, Hon. Awudu Said. According to Hon. Awudu Mbaya, communities must be united to chase away the devil that wants to stir insecurity in Cameroon. “Daddy Awudu” as he is fondly known within the communities also congratulated the Nkambe Council for constructing market sheds in Wat, Bih, Saah and other localities. Development, he added should not be carried out with political sentiments but rather it should be for all. “This is not the time for campaigns; I have come to thank those who voted for me and against me because I am the Member of Parliament for all and not one political party”. He warned that those who are using politics to divide the people are doing so at their own peril. Politics, he emphasized should serve as unifying factor and to divide.  He spoke elaborately on the rural electrification project he lobbied for more than 24 localities in the Division. One of his key points was on the effects of climate change. He warned against abusive cultivation of eucalyptus trees in watersheds and catchment areas as well as the phenomenon of climate change.  
On their parts, the SDF District chairman, Education Secretary, District Secretary used the opportunity to call on those who have not registered in the electoral registrar to do so. The first lap of the tour ended in Tabenken where the massive turnout defied the established notion that the SDF party was dead in the area.  

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