Monday, February 15, 2016

Senatorial Micro project: Donga Mantung Councils Want Own Share

By Shey Lontum in Nkambe

The Union of Cities and Councils of Cameroon, UCCC Donga Mantung Bureau has cried foul on the disbursement of the Senatorial Micro-Project grants for Donga Mantung. Discussing the issue at an end of year evaluation meeting in Nkambe last January 2016, the Mayors of Donga Mantung lamented the fact that since the death of their lone elected Senator, Yerima Jikong Stephen two years back, Donga Mantung has been deprived of the Micro-Project grants emanating from the Upper House.
The UCCC Bureau for Donga Mantung insists that the grants be directed to all the five Municipalities of Donga Mantung, Ako, Misaje, Nwa, Ndu and Nkambe to manage on behalf of the people. After all, they insinuated, it was thanks to these councils that Senator Jikong was elected after all. They hold that each Senator is granted fifteen million francs (15million) annually, and so for the past three years, they are demanding forty five million francs (45million), plus the one for 2016.
The Mayors regret that they have to be abandoned and forgotten so soon, coupled with the fact that they had lost their father, Chief Jikong. As orphans, they want their rightful dues and no more, no less. They recalled that when an MP of the lower House dies, the Micro-Project Grants for that area is given to the area through a process that is well managed. The Mayors took the case of late Hon. Chemo of Ako/Misaje who died in 2006 yet, his Micro-Project grants for that year was directed to the area through his party’s Group Leader. Why will the case of the Senator be different, they quizzed.
It should be recalled that Senator Jikong Stephen was elected by Councilors of Donga Mantung in February 2013 and NOT appointed by President Biya. He died in 2004, after barely functioning for a year. He had made a tour of four of the five Municipalities, except Ndu to thank the people and dish out some goodies. The Senators of North West had also paid a courtesy visit to Donga Mantung last 2015 and granted a meager 400,000 worth of bikes each to the five councils making a total of two million francs! If this is considered as part of the Micro Grant, then the UCCC Donga Mantung expects the balance of 43 million plus the pending one for 2016~
UCCC Donga Mantung has been holding regular meetings to discuss on issues harping on the welfare of the councils in the division. It is composed of Mr. Ngabir Paul Bantar, Mayor Nkambe as President; Martin Fon Yembe , 1st Deputy Mayor Ndu as Secretary General, Mr. Mgbata Mayor of Misaje who is the Treasurer, while Mayor Akio Augustin of Ako, Dr. Gomfe of Nwa and Bunyui of Ndu as members. The Bureau was elected in 2014, and it was installed into office in Nkambe by the SDO Donga Mantung, Ndone Ndodemessape Bernard.

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