Thursday, March 31, 2016

CPDM Senators, MPs Under Strict Suveilliance

 CPDM Senators and Members of Parliament have been told to stay mute during deliberations at the National Assembly. The MPs according to what we gathered have been told that all their worries should be channeled through their group speaker and that anyone who violates the instruction will have his or herself to blame. It is now clear that the "foolish majority" has now been deprived of their freedom to express themselves. The Eye is aware that during a meeting at Yaounde Congress Hall, the  senators and CPDM MPs were told that they are not allowed to give their opinion on a topical issue without requiring the express permission of the President of their group and or Secretary General of the Central Committee of the party. Implicitly, they have lost the ability to control the action of the government which is a mission enshrined in the constitution of our country. 
Henceforth, they must obtain permission from the hierarchy to publicly express themselves on topical issues. Talking to journalists one of them who preferred not to be names said that" some members of the government believe that we disturb. But our colleagues who have had the courage to speak out on issues of concern to our society in recent times, were quite relevant in their positions". It is now clear that now CPDM Senator or MP will never raise a finger to ask a question on issues like the rampant electricity cuts, water cuts, scandals in hospitals, the phenomenon of inexplicable crimes and terrorism. It is alleged that the decision was provoked by Senator Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya who during the CPDM in Bafoussam posed pertinent issues that challenged the leadership of his party. 

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