Thursday, March 10, 2016

GBHS Misaje Lab Department Goes Operational, Mayor Sammy Mgbata Applauded for the Timely Support

Sammy Mgbata handing lab equipment to Afomboh Vincent
There was euphoria and fanfare at Government Bilingual High School Misaje in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region as the the science department goes functional . On March 9, 2016, the mayor of Misaje council Councilor Sammy Mgbata Nfornkemba storm the school campus with council goodies. The mayor and his entourage were received by the Principal of GBHS Misaje, management staff and the entire school body. 
Addressing the school administration, staff and students, the mayor said that the Misaje council in its mission to promote and encourage science and technology could not stay indifferent to make the significant gesture that will go a long way to produce future scientists. Before handing the equipment equipment worth over FCFA 4 million to the Principal of GBHS Afomboh Vincent Fonguh, Mayor Sammy Mbgata promised that his administration will leave no stone un-turn to make sure that the school has a befitting lab. He also used the  opportunity to officially launch the science department of the school. 
In his welcome speech, the Principal of GBHS Misaje Afomboh Vincent applauded Misaje council for the gift that will go a long way to ease the suffering of students of the entire sub Division who had no other place to continue study except move to GBHS Nkambe. "Mr. Mayor, your good deeds to us will be remembered for life. The Almighty God will remember your children because you have taken care of the cries of the poor like us. Students from the entire Sub Division and its environs will be grateful to you and will no longer suffer to go to Nkambe and else where to study science subjects."
 Afomboh Vincent also used the opportunity to frowned at rumour mongers who went wild a week ago castigating the mayor. Hear him " When the Almighty God programmed to liberate us with the Mayor’s timely intervention, enemies of progress went on the rampage to stop this great move by tarnishing his image vis a vis the school. Rumours were programmed one week ago by our enemies claiming that the Lord Mayor was destroying our female students. However, proper investigations by the Principal and his collaborators have realised nothing against the Mayor. The Lord Mayor remains our father forever and he will continue to help us. On behalf of the students and teachers, we are pleading on the Lord Mayor to forgive them and to understand that only a ripe mango tree receives stones from bad boys. A barren mango tree is peaceful, but the Lord Mayor is a ripe mango tree. I dismissed the rumours as baseless and warned anybody trying to use my students as steeping stones to accomplish their wicked schemes; the next attempt will not go unpunished by the laws of our beloved country, Cameroon."
In fact, it should be recalled that GBHS Misaje was created in 1997 and it went operational that same year. It was upgraded from Government secondary school to High school in in 2009 and in 2011 the school witnessed another transformation into a Government Bilingual High School.  Since then, it has been functioning without the Science Department at the Second Cycle due to many problems. The greatest of the difficulties was the lack of a Science Laboratory.  It is worth mentioning that Donga Mantung Division has only two schools with functioning laboratories, namely GBHS Nkambe and GBHS Ndu. With the support, GBHS Misaje is the third Government High School to operate a science laboratory. The construction and equipment of a science laboratory according to Afomboh Vincent is very expensive, reason why only few schools have functioning science departments in the second cycle.
Sammy Mgbata Nfornkemba

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