Monday, March 14, 2016

How Dead Pregnant Woman Rejected by Hospital, Gets Operated in Open Air in Douala (Graphic picture)

A pregnant woman who was allegedly rejected after she was rushed to the hospital has received an open air operation in public to get her kids out of her womb.
 Mrs Koumate Monique was pregnant of twins. On the day of delivery she went to the hospital, but was denied medical attention, since she had no money.
 She died at the gates of one of the main public hospitals of the city Douala (Hopital la Quintini). However the babies in her womb were still alive.
 The niece of the deceased demanded that at least the lives of the babies be saved by immediate medical intervention, and she would pay for the intervention later on, but all to no avail.
 This poor niece, alone with the deceased aunt and the babies moving in the womb, felt she was obliged to operate her aunt herself. She bought a blade in a shop close by, and in the midst of an amazed crowd cut the womb of the dead woman, in an attempt to save the babies.
 One of the twins came out dead. The other was still breathing but some minutes later died. The above picture went viral on the social media and the population stormed the street to express their disgust on the incident. Allegedly, the lady who operated the woman in an open air has been arrested as well as the nurses who were on duty and the mortuary attendant. 

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