Friday, March 4, 2016

Nkambe Catholic Church Recognizes the Founding Fathers of the Catholic Men Association

CMA Founding members
There was euphoria in Nkambe, Donga Mantung in the North West Region last week when the Founding Fathers of the Catholic Men Association-CMA were canonized. Five of the 12 founding members of CMA, who are still alive were rewarded Awards of Recognition ahead of the Deanery Meeting of the movement for being part of the outstanding initiative that has grown full swing into a national movement. Out of the 12 Founding members, Pa Semuyeh Cyprian Nyugap, Bawe Victor Bawe, Pa Paul Ngie, Pa James Mbunwe and Pa Simon Ngebi were among the five still alive that were honoured. The story goes that in the early 80s, a group of catholic men and women of the Nkambe Roman Catholic Church created a group known as "Samba" . This was when there was no group existing within the church that brings together dynamic christains of the then Roman Catholic Church. According to Pa Bawe Victor Bawe, "at one point, it became necessary for the men to separate from the women". He said when the men finally separated from the women, they lost the name "Samba" yet had to choose between the names such as the Christian Men Fellowship-CMF, Christian Men Organization-CMO and the Christian Men Association-CMA. "The group ended up choosing CMA and at that time we were only 12 members". He regretted the fact that majority of them who brought up this initiative have died. "The church welcomed the idea" and the Rev. Father whom he said was from Tatum gave them guidelines on how the group should function in order not to go into conflict or contradict church activities. 
On their activities, Pa Bawe Victor said that their actions were geared towards evangelization, visiting the sick in hospitals and donating little assistance. "That is how we expanded from Nkambe to Binju and other places". He said from the beginning non of them could imagine that CMA will grow to be a national movement. "The CMA started in Nkambe and that it has now grown nationally is a very big achievement. In fact, the church looks up to the CMA as the Father of the Catholic Church in Cameroon".
Today, this movement that started in Nkambe has laid on the church's mission to encourage the creation and fostering of Catholic Actions and prayer groups so that members are well informed in the teachings of the Church professions. Above all, the association admits all baptized Catholic men and youths aged 20 years above, singled or married who after a year of probation are dedicated. 
They enable members model their lives after the life-style of St. Joseph, husband of Mary and Foster Father of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Notwithstanding, CMA today is functional in 10 dioceses around that country. These dioceses include Maroua, Bertoua, Ebolowa, Mamfe, Bafoussam, Yaounde, Kumbo, Buea and Bamenda. 

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