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People's Call: Donga Mantung I Section Joins Chorus Calling on Biya to Contest in the 2018 Presidential Election

Meeting in Nkambe today March 20, 2016, CPDM militants of Donga Mantung I Section have issued a motion President Paul Biya calling on him to stand as their candidate in the next Presidential election in Cameroon. In the three page document titled: Motion of Support and Call from the CPDM Donga Mantung I Section Elites, Militants and Sympathizers to our National Chairman, Head of state, H.E President Paul Biya to Stand as Our Candidate for the CPDM in the Next Presidential Election, was presented during a joint section of the CPDM today in Nkambe ( Complete document below). 



Subject: Motion of Support and Call from the CPDM Donga Mantung I Section Elites, Militants and Sympathizers to our National Chairman, Head of state, H.E President Paul Biya to Stand as Our Candidate for the CPDM in the Next Presidential Election

Militants of the three wings of Donga Mantung I Section, including their elites and sympathizers, meeting in the Nkambe Municipal grandstand in a joint CPDM section conference, having thoroughly examined the social, economic, political and diplomatic achievements of Cameroon, under the capable leadership of H.E President Paul Biya, National Chairman of the CPDM and Head of State, resolved as follows:

  • Considering the significant improvement in road infrastructure, marked by rehabilitation of major roads, including farm to market roads nationwide, in order to ease the free circulation of goods and persons;
  • Considering the great efforts in view to ensure growth and stability in energy supply as seen through the multi-billion investment in electric power project at Long Pangar, the implantation of the Thermal Plant in Bamenda and the envisaged hydro electric power Menchum Falls, which will speed industralization, create new job opportunities, and lead Cameroon to emergence by 2035, thereby improving the standard of living of the citizens;
  • Considering the substantial improvement in the education as witnessed through the creation and opening of a university in Bamenda and approval of many other higher learning institutions in the North West, coupled with the creation and opening of many secondary, primary, nursery and vocational schools in Donga Mantung, thereby facilitating studies for our children;
  • Considering the measures taken to ensure the improvement and extension of health care facilities, as seen through the creation of a Referral hospital in Bamenda, creation and rehabilitation of several health establishment in Nkambe central, including the organization of  mass free vaccination campaigns against very deadly diseases, free distribution of treated mosquito nets and subsidies of drugs inorder to improve on the health of the population and reduce death rates;
  • Considering the growth in agricultural production and productivity, recorded as a result of heavy government inputs through support to farmers organization, fight against crop invasion, training of agricultural technicians, free distribution of high quality seeds and fertilizer, thereby increasing food production and alleviating poverty amongst our masses;
  • Considering the sustainable efforts to ensure jobs for the youths, through assistance by the National Employment Fund Intergrated support programme of Informal sector, PACD PME, special recruitment and the recent package of 102 billion francs for special reintegration plan for the youths;
  • Considering the continuous measures put in place in favour of the women which integrates them in all works of national life, recruitment into the forces, appointment to the post of responsibilities, poverty alleviation schemes;
  • Considering the recent measures to improve on the social security of workers in Cameroon through an increased family allowance in order to enhance their welbeing and living standards;
  • Considering the huge package of 10 billion under the general decentralization fund set aside to effectively take care of salaries of government delegates, mayors and their deputies, in order to motivate them to work, curp corruption and enhance local governance;
  • Considering the remarkable successes recorded in the inevitable was against the terrorist sect, Boko Haram, thereby safeguarding our territorial boundaries and sovereignty;
  • Considering the mature, tolerant and skillful diplomatic approach, marked by peaceful co-existence, non-interference in the affairs of others states, cooperation, respect of territorial integrity;
  • Considering also, the humanitarian activities of Madam Chantal Biya, First lady, in the area of health care, assistance to schools, to the needy, rehabilitation  and construction of classrooms, supply of medical equipment and medication to health centres to health establishments nationwide including Donga Mantung;
We militants, of Donga Mantung I section, including our elites and sympathizers, assembled this 20th March 2016 on the occasion of a joint section conference. 

  • Warmly congratulate and thank H.E President Paul Biya, Head of State and National Chairman of the party;
  • Unanimously renew and extend our unconditional and total to H.E President Paul Biya, Head of State and Chairman of the CPDM;
  • Wish the Presidential couple long life God guidance and protection;
  • Call on H.E. President Paul Biya, head of State and National Chairman of the CPDM to stand as our candidate in the next Presidential election in Cameroon.

Ngala Gerard 
Section President

Chrysantus Yembe
Section Secretary

Fonju Elizabeth
WCPDM Pesident

Killah Godlove Ande
YCPDM President

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