Saturday, April 9, 2016

Black Friday Protest: Kah Walla, 12 Others Released

The President of CCP, Edith Kah Walla who was arrested on April 8, in Yaounde by elements of the police has been released. Kah Walla was arrested for wearing black were accused of "rebellion", inciting revolt and insurrection. She however posted this message on her facebook page after she was released.
Hear her: 
WE’RE FREE!!!! Thank you so much all of you who put pressure on the Cameroonian government today from within and outside Cameroon Thanks to your activism we are FREE! 
All 12 of us arrested Who Were this morning arrested – for wearing black – Were released about an hour ago. The government accuse us of rebellion, insurrection and inciting revolt. Why? Because we wanted to distribute flyers (no one HAD Actually distributed any) Asked Cameroonians to # WearBlack this Friday. Pray for the future of Cameroon! All of You Did a fantastic job in driving the Internet campaign, Contacting local and international media and a big thank you to the People Who came down to the station and made some noise.
We are in the very first steps of bringing to a close the oppressiveness that has-been keeping down Cameroon for the last 34 years. What is happening now is predictable. It gives us strength in our convictions and about our methods.
Without violence, aim with determination, action, creativity and consistency we will bring down this regime and begin building a new foundation for Cameroon.
You are free to join us. Most definitely we will all be WEARING BLACK NEXT FRIDAY! Joins Us! 

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