Friday, April 8, 2016

Black Friday Protesters, Kah Walla, Members of Opposition Coalition Arrested

The President of CPP, Edith Kah Walla said to have been arrested in Yaounde. According to the hint, Kah Walla was napped by Law enforcement officials in the nation capital Yaounde with her supporters as well as 
some militants of MRC and UPC. Reports say those arrested were ferried to GMI Tsinga and are currently been transferred to DRPJ. Officials in Yaounde had earlier argued that due to insecurity, street excesses were not authorized. It should be the recalled that the owner of the printing press, PRINT Neutron, who won the contract to print tracts for the Operation "BLACK Friday" launched by an opposition coalition as part of the campaign "STAND UP FOR CAMEROON", was also arrested and detained at Nkolmessong Special Branch in Yaoundé. According to our sources he is accused of printing pamphlets for"Apprentice soccierers". However, promoters of Black Friday say it is their democratic right to say "No to the Modification of the Constitution, Yes, to Water, Electricity and Health Care..." It is not yet clear whether Maurice Kamto, MRC President has also been arrested. 

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