Sunday, April 24, 2016

CBTS, JMBC Kickstart Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

The management of the Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary-CBTS and Joseph Merrick Baptist College-JMBC, all in Ndu have resolved to jointly tackle water scarcity in Ndu town. The CBTS Provost Rev. Dr. Nseimbo Johnson as well as JMBC principal Fru Festus have both acknowledged the fact that in order for Ndu town to solve the problem of water scarcity, the fight must be collective. 
They are quoted to have have told Savannah Radio Ndu that the two christian institutions are putting in place to improve on access to water in their institutions as well as to the public. Besides, they have also revealed that strategies have been put in place to fell all the eucalyptus trees found around marshy areas. CBTS, it should be noted has also established a tree nursery with environmental friendly trees that will be used as replacements for the eucalyptus trees. Some of these tree species according to Rev. Dr. Nsiembo include amongst others prunnus africanus, grivillia robusta etc. 
This according to what we gathered is intended to mitigate the phenomenon of climate change. 

With Report from Tando George-Savannah Radio Ndu

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