Friday, April 8, 2016

Kumbo-Ndu-Nkambe-Misaje Stretch of the Ring Road: Biya Meets Unkept Promise, Orders UNVDA to Begin Rehabilitation

This how Donga Mantung Vomited the Biya Regime
Maintenance work on the Kumbo-Ndu-Nkambe-Misaje stretch of the ring has been emitted after decided to do the work with bare hands. Classified sources say the Presidency has ordered that all heavy duty machines at the Upper Noun Valley Development Authority-UNVDA should kick-start maintenance work immediately. According to the hint, UNVDA is expected to transfer its equipment pool to Kumbo latest by next week. 
Notwithstanding, the population of Donga Mantung is wondering whether UNVDA has the skills and manpower to tar the road. Majority believe this is just " a machine mensonge de l'etat" to frustrated plans by Donga Mantung people to raise money locality to tar the road. Last week, administrators, politicians, business men and women, religious leaders, traditional rulers, in Ndu Sub Division met in an emergency meeting to plan on the  how to carryout rehabilitation work on the stretch Ndu-Tatum. The meeting was chaired by the DO for Ndu, George Achu. It was agreed that on April 16, the entire Sub Division should move out to do the work. 
The Eye is aware Donga Mantung elite at home and the diasporas had also vowed that since government has fallen short of its civility, and that since President Biya could not fulfill his promise, they will they will mobilize funds to tar the road. It was even suggested that after the repairs, police and Gendarmes should be chased away with their money collection points and a tollgate is erected at around Njifor at Ndu. According to what were gathered within two years, the tollgate which will be managed by a committee will be able to raise money to link Nwa, Lus, Ako to the ring road by tar. 
Impressionists are of the opinion that by sending UNVDA to carryout rehabilitation work on the ring road, the Biya regime is pouring petrol on fire. 
It is probably impossible to imagine the nightmare that caused Donga Mantung people to vomit the Biya regime if you have not being on that road says Jinti Flashing Nfor. Infact, many politicians would regard this question as ranging from absurd and naïve to seriously uninformed. As a gross order of comparison, where in politics have they done to remind President Biya that he promised he was personally going to supervise the tarring of the ring road? 
Those who have had the opportunity to watch golfers play would agree that in golf, etiquette calls for recognizing the great shots of competitors. In Cameroon politics, etiquette requires giving as little positive recognition to the masses as possible. And the worst thing is that during elections they blind "fooled" villagers with banknotes, talk about arrested development in rethorics when in golf, dignity and civility trump anger and vindictiveness. The Biya regime's civility is missing in action when it came to the ring road. It is hoped that before UNVDA would start rehabilitation work, President Biya himself will visit Donga Mantung in order to personally supervise the work. 
A more frightening proposition is to reverse this proposition. Suppose golfers followed the people of the lie into politics, fair play would fall victim to foul play. Rules would count less. And the values that have made and will continue to make golf great would be twisted from doing one's best to doing whatever it takes to win like in an election when the same rogues would claim they won elections in Donga Mantung. Where is the development?????

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