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List of 5 Most Powerful Secret Societies That Really Control the World

This might sound fearful to some but it is real! Here are the list of top 5 most powerful secret societies that controls the world with most world leaders known to be their members.
Some conspiracy theories are absolutely absurd - but genuine secret societies that exert a mysterious influence on the world have existed for centuries.
 Here is’s list of the top five most famous and powerful secret societies who carry out bizarre rituals and conduct their business behind closed doors. 
1. Skulls and Bones 
 Formed: 1832
 Founders: Frederick Ellsworth Mather, Phineas Timothy Miller, William Huntington Russell, Alphonso Taft and George Ingersoll Wood
 Where? Yale University in a building called the ‘Tomb’.
 Why? The secret society was formed after a dispute between several debating societies at Yale.
 Famous alleged members: John Kerry, George Bush, and William Taft
 Feared because: Members, known as Bonesmen, use their bonds of power and influence to make their way up through the rank’s of America’s elite. 
 Most famous conspiracy theories: The group has been blamed for everything from the nuclear bomb to the Kennedy assassination.
2. Illuminati
 Formed: 1776
 Founders: Adam Weishaupt
 Where? Germany
 Why? To create secular societies in Europe.
 Famous alleged members: Barack Obama, Jay Z, Madonna, and Beyonce
 Feared because: Rumours say the entertainment and music industry have been infiltrated by Illuminati members who are using the media to brainwash the masses.
 Most famous conspiracy theories: The group was broken up by the German authorities after the French Revolution, but modern conspiracy theorists assert the group survived and now operates as a sinister shadow government, directing world industry and politics as it sees fit. 
3. The Freemasons 
Formed: 1717
 Founders: Four English Lodges
 Where? London
 Why? To teach self-knowledge through participation in a progression of ceremonies.
 Famous alleged members: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Mozart, Harry Houdini
 Feared because: The all-male group has six million members across the world which are all powerful members of society.
 Most famous conspiracy theories: The Freemasons designed the Pyramids, plotted the French Revolution and are keeping the flame alive for the Knights Templar. 
4. Bohemian Grove
Formed: 1872
 Founders: Henry Edwards 
 Where? Bohemian Avenue, Monte Rio, California 
 Why? A meeting of the rich and powerful to escape “frontier culture” - or uncivilised interests of common men.
 Famous alleged members: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon
 Feared because: The attendees claim they are there for social reasons, but many believe use the meetings for more sinister reasons.
 Most famous conspiracy theory: That planning for the Manhattan Project - the world’s first nuclear bomb took place there - which turned out to be true
5. Bilderberg Group 
Formed: 1954
 Founders: The Dutch royal family 
 Where? The Netherlands 
Why? To bring together Northern American and European leaders to promote relations between the US and Europe and cooperate on political, economic and defence issues.
 Famous alleged members: Angela Merkel, Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher
Feared because: Things discussed at the group’s annual meetings are not made public and journalists who have tried to interview participants have been arrested.
 Most famous conspiracy theories: The group is run by the Nazis, it is trying to impose one world government and it runs the US Republican party.

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