Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monique Koumakele Sweeps Away Director of Laquintini, Public Health Minister to Go?

The Director of Laquintini Hospital has been dismissed. Dr. Jean Dissongo was sacked today after the scandal that rocked Laquintini hospital following the untimely demise of Monique Koumatele. As the Monique's family is preparing that the body of Monique Alvine Koumatéke and her twins will leave the morgue of the hospital Laquintinie in Douala on Friday, April 29, the Director was fired during the 1pm today. He was immediately replaced by Prof. Richard Njock formerly the Director of Edea hospital. Yet public opinion wants the Minister of Public Health to follow Dr. Jean Dissongo. Minister Mama Fouda popular opinion holds lied to Cameroonians on the demise of Monique and her unborn twins. 
Public Health Minister Andre MAMA FOUDA had made a public statements to the point that he even argued that the staff of the hospital behaved 'professionally' and was not to blame for the tragedy. Tongues are now waging as to why the Director of the hospital has been "scape-goated" if the staff behaved professionally. Hon. Awudu Mbaya even told Mama Fouda in his face during a question and answer session at the National Assembly that he (Mama Fouda) lied to Cameroonians. By this act, and the fact that Laquintini hospital has been found guilty, Public Health Minister another school of thought holds should be dismissed as well. (Picture above shows how Monique's sister in a desperate attempt to rescue the twins carries out surgery on the demised on the veranda of the hospital without the help of medics)...
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