Monday, April 4, 2016

Police Pull Down ENEO Giant Posters, GM on Hot Seat

The General Manager the company charged with the distribution of electricity in Cameroon is summoned to explain the objectives of an advertising campaign involving politicians. The giant posters carrying pectures of some political and business personalities have been prohibited by the Cameroonian police. One of these posters carries the picture of the Minister of Water and Energy, Basile Atangana Kouna with messages such as: "I share the energy of Cameroon." In this campaign, ENEO offers 10 tips on how to  save and share energy.
Basile Atangana Kouna says: "We will offer the use of energy saving light bulbs in public buildings to provide additional energy to all our hospitals" while André Fotso, President GICAM adds that: "If companies disconnect unused electronics, additional energy will be earned for every family."
Newspaper reports have indicated that this vast communication campaign designed by ENEO with the approval of Ministry of Water and Energy has just been stopped by the Presidency of the Republic. Since Thursday, March 31, 2016, "the police systematically pulls all these posters in Yaounde and Douala." According to reliable sources, the Chief Executive Officer of ENEO Joel Nana Kontchou was summoned to give explanations to the Presidency of the Republic. It should be noted that Cameroonian have and continue to suffer from rampant electricity cuts ranging from 10-30 times a day in some areas. Such a campaign may be poorly perceived by the public, who wonders "how to save energy that does not exist?". 
However, it is becoming clear that the intention was maybe to look how each household could contribute, if not to make a sacrifice to the curb the rampant electricity cuts
According to official figures, the energy deficit in Cameroon is 100 Mw per day. This deficit has worsened, we learn between 12 and 20 March 2016, following an incident at the main transformer situated at Oyomabang in Yaounde. 

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