Friday, April 29, 2016

Southern Cameroons' Struggle Enters House of Lord

 The struggle for self-determination by Southern Cameroons' pressure groups has recorded another giant step. This is so because a group advocating for the cause has taken the matter to the House of Lord in the United Kingdom. Reports say Southern Cameroons flag was raised in London on March 26, 2016 during a conference on Self-determination organized by British Lawmakers. The group known as Ambazonia Movement was in UK to submit a memo at a Human Rights Conference on Self-determination on the invitation of UK Lawmakers.
 The chairman of the Conference Lord Nazir Ahmad is quoted to have said that he is determined to bring to the awareness of the British the need to support groups advocating for such a cause that would give them the right to self-determination. He cited South Sudan and East Timor as practical cases.
Newspaper reports also revealed that the delegation (Ambazonia Movement) from the Southern Cameroons was made up of Roland Tewre, Robert Tamanji, Dr. Ekiko Francis and Pride Mbi. Accordingly, the delegation submitted a Memo on the violation of human rights by the government of La Republique. Note should be taken that in 2014, Mola Njoh Litumbe took the issue to the Upon and upon his return he told Cameroonians that he wanted the UN to examine into the petition by Southern Cameroons against La Republique. Of late, a mixed delegation of SCNC and SCAPO traveled to Nigeria to share with the Biafra activists. Notwithstanding, several activists have been arrested and detained for advocating for the cause.

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