Monday, April 25, 2016

Technical School of Agriculture Nkambe Going (2)

By FC Ndi
Technical School of Agriculture-TSA Nkambe, a one-time citadel of standards is reported wallowing in the gutter and desperately in need of divine intervention from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. In fact when a critical judgement analysis is made of the petition by pedagogic staff and the protest march they staged last week over obnoxious practices instituted by school administration, TSA Nkambe may have been sacrificed to those who are at their worst given the vision that institution once incarnated as the window of professional training in Donga Mantung Division is on its last legs. 
The one-time most admirable training institution which in the 90s stood the taste if time and was the pride of the entire division has been sparked by an irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, and the not-at-all looms as precarious indication predicts. One keep wondering whether with the present stalemate, the school will be able to train rural entrepreneurs as prescribed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. According to information gathered, TSA Nkambe has been transformed into a sink hole that puts to question the present state of nature of the school. It is unbelievable that pedagogic teachers are threatening went on strike because the school administration could not afford to provide them little allowances. As to what has been happening to the huge credit disbursed to the institution remains another mystery that could only be deciphered by very competent agents from CONAC. At the time of writing this report, an authoritative in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hinted this reporter that the Ministry is aware of the situation at TSA Nkambe. 
Public opinion in Donga Mantung is aghast that since last year these teachers complained the school administration didn’t want to provide them the little allowances until they had to stage a protest march to meet the Senior Divisional Officer- Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard for an immediate solution or else the unexpected happens. The issue according to what we gathered exploded today October 16, as the teachers stormed the SDO’ office threatening. It is even said that the mayhem at TSA Nkambe is a hot potato in the hands of the administration that could take the school to slumber any moment. 
More so, there is a lot of controversy surrounding school fees and the none existence of farms for students to carryout practical exercises. 

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