Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Sudden Fanatic Spirit in CPDM: What Reasons

Martin Fon Yembe in Ndu

I'm intrigued by fanatics - people who are seduced by the promise, or the illusion, of the absolute. ..Jon Krakauer...We are yet to get into electioneering campaigns, yet these last years, weeks and days, the CPDM has been very fanatic , extremist and revolutionary. There is a saying in Limbum that you cannot preserve salt (or sugar) on your tongue. I challenge all of us on social media to carry out a research via internet and see whether there is any nation in the world, outside those dictatorships like we have in some four communist and Islamist states...that are so fanatic and extremist as the CPDM! We have seen pictures of "Whites"( foreigners) putting up CPDM regalia and now a car dressed in CPDM outfit...nay Biya's effigies!!! Before I am misunderstood as usual by myopic minds...let me quickly state my point...that the CPDM is either running away from something very dangerous and is in dire need of help or it is chasing something so badly. If it is the former, then she needs help urgently; if it is the latter, then Biya was right when he referred to the group as a party close to power. I see with him because when an o;ld woman starts painting, making up and filling up gaps on her face and putting on tighties, then she must have seen a serious rival in the neighborhood or she must have seen a young energetic boy around and like Lady Wishfort in William Congeve's The Way of the World, is dying to have a young husband to renew her old bones!!! The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. In CPDM we have fanatics not militants. RDPC oye...!!! Signs of End Times!!! Check it out!!! The Oracle has spoken!!!

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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