Sunday, April 10, 2016

WADECA Enjoins Community Spirit, Says Cameroon will Emerge from Wat Village

The National President of Wat Development and Cultural Association-WADECA has applauded sons,
Kwande Marcel Nfor (in suit)
daughters and wives of Wat village in Donga Mantung Division at home, its national branches and the Diasporas for their development consciousness. In a Press Release issued at weekend, the National President Kwande Marcel Nfor equally expressed gratitude to all those who supported the funds raising in Bafoussam and Bamenda towards the construction the of biggest bridge in WAT (the Mamnki bridge). Harping on the importance of community development spirit, Kwande Marcel Nfor in the Release also announced that construction work on Mamnki bridge was completed on April 10, 2016. He expressed special gratitude to HRH the Fon of Wat, the Douala WADECA branch, and more importantly Rogers Ngala and Nforgwei Jackson for their laudable efforts in fostering development efforts at home. 
Kwande Marcel also insinuated and reminded the public in the Release that his prescribed mission as the national President is to disenclave Wat Zone and that during his current mandate he coordinated several projects ranging from the medical equipment donated to the Wanti Maternity ward by the Yaounde WADECA branch, the rehabilitation and furnishing of the VIP Section of the Wat Fons palace by Buea Wadeca branch, the construction of Mbabi and Ntermbang bridges by WADECA Douala branch, the construction of the Mamnki bridge by Bamenda and Bafoussam branches etc.
On future projects, he also echoed that the construction of the bridge linking Wanti and Mbanka (mamba) bridge must be realized before the end of 2016 while prospects are high at that the mighty Douala WADECA branch is gearing up to complete the Maroh bridge on the Wanti-Mbabi- Lassin road. In his release WADECA President concluded by are calling on Wat people at home and the Diasporas as well as politicians and development luminaries to support the emergence of Wat village. The emergence of Cameroon he added will begin from Wat village.
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