Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bangolan Chieftaincy Crisis: Hard Road to Reconciliation as Fon Chafah Resumes Own Case

 Fon Chafah XI of Bangolan has re-opened case against his opponents shortly after withdrawing it. It is alleged the withdrawal of the case was withdrawn based on the advised of the Prime Minister, Yang Philemon. But supporters of the “new” Bangolan fon have allegedly vowed to proceed with their fon. However, Fon Chafah who had suspected that his opponents would be unbending did not personally apply for the withdrawal of the case. His lawyers did it meaning that the Bangolan fon could re-open it if he chose and that is what he just did.

Notwithstanding, The Eye is aware that Fon Chafah’s detractors (opponents) have adopted a “scorched earth” policy; the type adopted by the Russians in 1811 to starve Napoleon’s forces and frustrated his Moscow campaign. Classified sources say Fon Chafah’s opponents have decided to starve the soldiers on peace mission to their by refusing to sell them some basic items. By implication they will get hungry and leave Bangolan.
Recently, it was rumoured that the dissidents would launch an offensive to take over the palace and allegedly with the support of Bangolan youths resident in other towns. Besides, that it is even aired that in Bangolan some of the youths are so provocative to the point that they move round the village with their bags with inscriptions “Isaac Must Go”. The fact that Fon Chafah too has decided to re-open his case against them is indicative of the fact that the prospect of dialogue have collapsed.  

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