Sunday, May 15, 2016

Boko Haram is Worst Threat to Development, International Peace/Security Researcher Says

Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah
 Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah, a Cameroonian Peace and Security Researcher based in Italy has urged Cameroonians to remain focused in building sustainable peace if they expect to attain any meaningful development especially in the context of the war against Boko Haram insurgents.

In one of his publications titled “Cameroonian officers and commanders participating in a joint Cross National Research on asymmetric warfare operations: old wars versus new wars-the war against Boko Haram”, he outlines all the necessary views and concepts, conceives and articulates goals that lift people out of their pretty preoccupations, carries them above the conflicts that are threatening to tear the society apart and unites them in the pursuit of objectives worthy of their best efforts which he (the author) finds in peace building for sustainable development.
According to the Peace and Security Researcher, very often Cameroonians think that poverty is only about being hungry, naked and homeless. But the worst form of poverty is when people have nobody who can provide ideas or who could support innovative ideas that could lead to sustainable actions around the world. For sometimes now, he observed Cameroonians have been eager to know what the Cameroonian Diasporas could contribute towards Vision 2035. It is on this premise that the researcher notes that getting involved in peace and security that could guarantee a more stable world, peaceful environment and mutual co-existence is the most effective way to fight poverty and boost efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals.
According to Blaise Nkfunkoh Ndamnsah, Cameroon expects much from the Diasporas in order to guarantee peace, security and sustainable development at this point in time that the country is at war with the Islamic Sect, Boko Haram. He believes that incorporating research knowledge into peace building efforts is a key element to guaranteeing sustainable peace. It should be noted that Blaise has lectured and participated in several symposiums, workshops and universities on peace and security. Some of these include “Cameroonian Forces combating terrorism, case of Boko Haram, cultural and military lessons learned at the 13th Biennial Conference of ERGOMAS Open University of Israel, Ra’anana, June 2015. Peace and Security in Africa: A critical analysis of the African Peace and Security Architecture. Lectures to Masters Students on Human Rights and Multilevel governance, University of Padova-Italy, 2015; Human Rights Challenges in Peace Keeping Operations: From Cooperation to Confrontation, African Union, African States and the ICC, Lectures to Masters Students on Human Rights and Multilevel Governance, University of Padova-Italy (2015). “Armed Forces and Operations in Asymmetric Warfare Environment” Torino (Italy 2015). Summer School on the United Nations: Youth Competencies for the Challenges of the Globalized world. Cultural mediation and International Protection systems: the case of CARA Refugee Centre in Gradisca D’isonzo-Italy organized by the United Nation Association of Slovenia (Ljubljana 2014). Author: Protection of Asylum Seekers and the role of cultural mediation in Italy: An analysis of the CARA Refugee Centre. Co-author-Diversity and Cultural Issues in Multinational Military Operations, Case of the Italian-Slovenian-Hungarian Trilateral Brigade.

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