Saturday, May 21, 2016

Controversy Surrounding the Assault on a Mbororo Student at Hope Institute, Ndu:

Sky Fm Ndu reported that "the proprietor of Hope Institute Ndu has debunked allegations that his teacher battered a female student on Monday May 17. He made this declaration while talking to sky FM in the school campus this May 19. He rather said Awau Julire has had anger problems ever since she enrolled in the school. According to his investigation after the incident, the over two hundred students who were present during the match pass practice attested to the fact that she wounded herself with a stick with which she wanted to hit the said teacher with after telling him in his face that he is not qualified to teach her(Bantar Heskey is an ex student of the school).Other witness includes PA Tantoh "Patience",a contractor and his labourers who are construction works around the field at former NCC. In the course of the brawl she removed a peg used to tether goats and began swinging it above her head moving towards the teacher ready to stick. In the process she lost concentration and the stick hit her forehead and she started bleeding. Seeing the danger at hand the teacher escaped. This the principal said is not the first incident. A similar situation arose in February during FENASCO games while Hope was playing against JMBC. She rushed into the bush and got a stick to attack a student from JMBC after she made a comment about their school. The principal was an eyewitness and later Awau was confronted and she said she does not know why she gets angry so quickly. The proprietor who is also a Rev pastor decided to counsel her under a special anger therapy. He went further to reveal that she has never written an exam in the school. Everytime exams approaches, she will say she is not well. He further said her school fees have not yet been paid by the council and so she is a "would be" student of the institution. The issue he said will be laid to rest at the police station on Monday May 23rd".

On the other hand, Martin-Luther of Frontier Telegraph  has also reacted that "This information is biased and one-sided. A good journalist will go to the Awawu girl to get her own side of the story before hurrying to publish information said to have been broadcast over a certain Sky FM radio. It was the prorietor, we learn, who went to the radio, and this reporter should have gone to the principal in question. We hurry to add that we also contacted the various actors, accused and complainants and we gathered that the Principal, Mr. Zacks Yembe sounded misinformed, and regretted it when he was informed by one of the female lecturers that the Hensky Bantar man actually verbally assaulted this girl for not marching well. She reportedly retorted that no one will discourage her from trying, and that Hensky as not the one who assigned her. Hensky reportedly revisited some political past referring to Awawu as an agent of a certain "Old Woman"(MP) for whom she has been working to make people register into the elctoral list. She again lashed out at Hensky who threatened to remove her eye if she keeps retorting to him. She again dared him by saying he has no "O"level for over 10 years and cannot teach her...At this juncture, Hensky pulled out a peg and slahed it on her forehead wounding her. At ths juncture, the D.M. grabbed him, shouting "Are u mad"? Awawu attempted dashing at Hensky, but was held down by a female teacher and other female students around. It was even the bike boys who rushed her to hospital. Curiously, Hensky called the medical doctor on duty, a certain Wepngong , and proof is that he almot refusing establishing a medical certificate fore the bleeding Awawu. He asked her "What will u benefit is Ivo goes to prison"? It was only after the pressure put by the MP that he established the Med. Cert. The phoographer who took pictures of the bleeding Awaawu had earlier costed all at 1500frs, just to later refuse to print them. When pressured, she asked for 2500, but the MP , and Mayor Ndu, seeing that the assailant had been trying to close all evidences, had to depend on images from Android. Mr. Principal of Hope Institude confessed that the Hensky assailant is no way to be found! He even dissociated himself from the Hensky act. Now, he reportedly goes to Sky FM and even says she was never a student of Hope Institude, just to defend this political guy, in fear the diabolic cpdm will seal his school if he does not defend this barbarian. We will unveil the naked truth....soonest!!! The Sons of Southern Cameroons"

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