Friday, May 13, 2016

'Fantastically Corrupt': President Buhari Breaks Silence in Latest CNN Interview

 Speaking with CNN, President Mohammadu Buhari has finally spoken out on David Cameron's controversial comments caught on video this week about Nigeria being 'fantastically corrupt.'
In an exclusive interview with Christine Amanpour, CNN's senior international correspondent, President Buhari has spoken about the controversial comment made by British Prime Minister, David Cameron, where he was filmed saying that Nigeria is a 'fantastically corrupt' country.
 During a conversation with Queen Elizabeth II that was captured on camera on Tuesday, Cameron declared Nigeria and Afghanistan "possibly the two most corrupt countries in the world."
 In the interview which was premiered last night, President Buhari said; "I think he (David Cameron) is being honest about it. He is talking about what he knows about the two of us, Afghanistan and Nigeria and by what we are doing in Nigeria by the day. I don't think you can fault him. I hope he did not address the press. He said it privately and somehow we got to know it, " he said, adding that his main focus is to fight corruption and not to merely talk about it.
 Speaking on the missing Chibok girls, President Buhari said he had not seen the clip that was released by CNN last month that showed some of the girls in hiding. He added that even if he had seen the clip, he would not show it to the parents of the missing Chibok girls.
 "How can we show it to them when we don't know where they are? If we know where they are then we can organize to secure them. If they are divided into 5, 10 groups all over the region, there's no way we can spontaneously and simultaneously attack all those locations. The important thing is to get them alive," he said.

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