Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Here are the Seven Appointed CPDM Divisional Coordinators for NW

President Paul Biya has appointed his seven apostles in the North West Region. Shey Jones Yembe, was named to coordinate Donga Mantung Division, Nji Fidelis for Menchum, Awanga Zacharia for Momo, Paul Atanga Nji for Mezam, Uphie Melo Chinje for Ngoketunjia, Waingeh for Boyo, Dr. Lantum Danielfor Bui Division respectively. They are charged with overseeing the mobilization of militants for party events, putting in place strategies ahead of elections and executing the strategies as well as marketing the ideals of the party at grassroots. However, most of them are hardly seen in their constituency and not to talk of attending party events. The last time I saw one of them in the feild was in 2013 during elections. These are some of the fears expressed by grassroot militants as it is also feared they may likely clash with section Presidents

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