Sunday, May 22, 2016

Looking Glass: Failure of the Presidential Limousine at 44th National Day

On May 20, 2016, the Presidential limousine went epileptic just at the moment the President of the Republic of Cameroon was about to perform his traditional review of the troops, as part of civil and military parade of the 44th Unity Day. Elements of the Presidential Guard had to push the car as the population watched helplessly.
The incredible scene suddenly went viral on the net minutes after the incident. Social networks were of no exception. Some Cameroonians did not hesitate to make a connection between the incident and the governance of Paul Biya. "This incident is a reflection of how Cameroon is governed," wrote a user on his Facebook page.

That was the image of Cameroon, the image to remember of the 44th National Day festivities was the failure of the Presidential limousine as usual the photo continue to make rounds on the social media. To many facebookers "the magnificent Mercedes 600 of the Presidency is like Cameroon, if we want it to work it should be given good care”.

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