Saturday, May 28, 2016

Misaje Fons, Elite(s) Threaten to Block Hon. Abe at June Session over Micro Project Grants

Hon. Abe
An atmosphere of uncertainty looms in Misaje Sub Division in Donga Mantung as traditional rulers and elite(s) of the area have vowed to block the Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency from attending the upcoming June Session over the management of micro project grants (for the fiscal year 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). Allegedly, Hon. Abe Michael Ndra who was elected into Parliament in 2013 with Misaje Sub Division contributing largely to his victory by voting massively (over 2000 votes) has never had a taste of micro project grants. It alleged Hon. Abe told the people of Misaje that during his first year, he will use the first micro grants to carryout projects in Ako. But for three years now, Misaje has not had it share.Yet classified sources say in 2014, Hon. Abe disbursed FCFA 3 million to Misaje as part of their share of the FCFA 8 million but since then Misaje has not had a franc.
Classified sources say last weekend, Fons and elite(s) of Misaje had stormy meeting in which they unanimously agreed to block Hon. Abe Micheal from attending the June session. "If he is in Donga Mantung, we will block him from leaving the Division but if he is in Yaounde, he should expected to see us at the entrance of the National Assembly", Kimah Koyu John told us. "We have been waiting for long and we cannot continue to wait, we need our own share of the Parliamentary grants. We are not begging, we deserve to have our share because it is thanks to votes from Misaje that he (Hon. Abe) went to Parliament", says one of the Fons. 
From every indication, the entire Misaje Sub Division is aghast with Abe Michael Ndra. It is also alleged that even the newly elected CPDM Section officials in Ako are also aghast with their MP. Of late, there was a clash of interest when the MP who happens to be influential member of Mbembe Cultural and Development Association-MBECUDA, organized a meeting on the same day the CPDM was holding a Joint Section Conference in Ako. The Eye gathered that tempers almost flared as to why a CPDM MP should organize such a meeting on same day.
However, in reacting to the above allegation Hon. Abe Michael said that Misaje elite(s) based in Yaounde, especially his Alternate Member of Parliament could talk more elaborately on whether Misaje has had their fare share of the micro project grants or not. He said he visited Misaje Sub Division during his homecoming and has been there on several occasions. "I am not President of MBECUDA" he concluded.
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