Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SOS!! Strange Caterpillars Invade Farms in Ndu, Nkum

The strange caterpillars have invaded some localities in Ndu Sub Division in( Donga Mantung Division) and Nkum Sub Division (Bui Division) of the North West Region. Tata Emmanuel Bantar, one of the youth activists based in Ndu has launched an SOS (step up action to remedy the situation). The caterpillars are said to be destroying almost every green leaf. Beans, maize and kolanut trees have been under serious attacks in places like Mbam Song, Jirt, Ntundip, Taku etc. 
Last week, the Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre, Hon. Esther Ngala donated some sprayers and accessories to fight the invading caterpillars. Yet reports say the situation has escalidated to the point that a massive urgent action is very necessary. However, Samba Laban, Sub Delegate for Agriculture and Rural Development for Ndu told us that the situation in Ndu is under control. "The Regional Delegate was in the field and donated chemicals. We have shared the chemicals to the various localities". Samba Laban also said that he has been on radio sensitizing the population. With the SOS comimg from Mbam Song, apparently the situation in Nkum is not yet under control. It is feared that if urgent action is not taken, there could be famine. (Photo Credit: Tata Emmanuel)

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