Monday, May 23, 2016

That Groundbreaking Speech by Yaah Patience Tamfu at CPDM USA Section Conference

Dear Comrades;
Dear Invitees;
Ladies and Gentlemen,         

     Today is a very bright day for our party, CPDM -USA.  We are finally here in Houston; the city where our militancy began in the United States under the leadership of our distinguished senior comrade, Jude Eze Okafor, founder of CPDM USA. We are here not only to hold the first Section Conference under my leadership, but to celebrate our unofficial creation of our party in the United States of America, which started here in Houston. Comrades we areequally here today to celebrateCameroon’s National Day, May 20th, in the South Central Subsection---newly-created in November 2016 with its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Further, we want to express our profound gratitude tofirst, our comrades in the South Central Subsection for accepting the privilege to host our first-ever Section Conference and secondly, we thank all our militants who have made an enormous sacrifice by exchanging their time and money for militancy. We are highly honored by your presence, to say the least. And on behalf of the Section, I say thank you to each and every one present here today. And to those who are not with us today, I pray they make it in the next conference. The state of our party here in the United States is Strong. Our party is the best party because of its democratic values.
Fellow Comrades, during the elections of last year, my team ran on the following platform: (a) to grow
Yaah Patience Tamfu Section President
the militancy of the party (b) to enable Cameroonians obtain Dual Citizenship (c) to create structures that will facilitate the Section’s activities (d) to lobby for a Permanent Diaspora Seat in the Cameroon Parliament and Senate and, (f) to lobby for Consular Offices in Houston and Atlanta in order to attend to the growing needs of Cameroonians and Corporations in these areas that can do business in Cameroon.

Dear Comrades and Distinguished Invitees, these are some of the things that our Section intends to pursue and we hope that together, we can enable all of the above items and many more that may come out during this conference.
So far, we have already set up committees that are working diligently to address some of our projects; and these committees shall form the basis of our party structure here in the United States. The following committees are now in existence: Political Affairs, Health, Economic and Investment, Education, Science and Technology, Youth, Project etc. We encourage militants with specific expertise to join any of our vibrant committees so they could express their opinions from within. I will not expand on any of the committee initiatives because their Chairs shall be presenting elaborate reports on their respective projects.
 Whenever Cameroonians in the diaspora request for the government of Cameroon to address critical issues that they face, and it is addressed, we owe the government gratitude. This is the reason why we are extending gratitude to the Cameroon governmentfor extending to Cameroonians in the Diaspora, a Diaspora Voting Rights, to Cameroonians living abroad. With this act, Cameroonians abroad can now participate and effect a change by voting for candidates of their choice whom they believe can bring desired changes that will enhance the livelihood of Cameroonians. In light of many other changes to come, the Section Bureau has therefore adopted a New Vision; to act as facilitators across party lines, to enable investors to come with businesses to develop our Cameroon. That is why the theme of this conference is ‘CPDM USA: facilitator of healthcare and development in Cameroon.’As Cameroonians, whether you belong to the CPDM-ruling party or not, you must imbibe the spirit of patriotism, paramount in nation-building.
     The CPDM is undoubtedly the strongest party in Cameroon today and in the diaspora. We intends to make it even stronger by acting as facilitators or enablers to positive changes and development.We intend to bring more investors to Cameroon and make our great Country a better place for our citizens. In order to help CPDM-USA achieve its goals, theleadership of the Section is therefore calling on all militants, to be united, devoted, and to remain focused and determined their initiative to build a one and indivisible party and Cameroon. All Branch Presidents must hold their monthly meetings and report to the subsection. So too shall the Subsections hold meetings and report to the Section. The Section in its turn needs to transmit the activities of the branches, subsections, and sections to the Central Committee. This is what we call Party Activism.
     Finally, we want to conclude by reiterating that this Conference is to celebrate our National Day, the 20th unofficial celebration of our party’s militancy in the UnitedStates of America, championed by our hero, Mr. Jude Eze Okafor. I want to take this opportunity, on behalf of my Bureau, to encourage all Subsection leaders to organize their respective Subsection conferences. Let us celebrate this remarkable moment as we deliberate and reflect on the important issues affecting our great party, the CPDM. Once more you are all welcomed to this conference and I

Wish everyone an enjoyable rest of conference.

 Long Live the Republic of Cameroon,

Long Live the CPDM party

Yaah Patience Tamfu
Section President

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