Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Burglary at Minister of Health's Residence, Andre Mama Fouda

Minister of Health, André Mama Fouda

The home of the Minister of Health, André Mama Fouda, located at Obobogo neighborhood in Yaounde, was again visited on the night of Tuesday, June 14, 2016 by bandits.
According to news reports one of the guards who had been tied by the gang of bandits is quoted as saying that "one of the three bandits climbed the fence of the house by the back wall. It was he who tied up the guards before opening the gate to his accomplices”. It is alleged that the bandits also gave a snake beating to Mama Fouda’s wife.
It's hard, though, to have a clear idea about the losses suffered by Minister of Public Health in this other banditry act. It is alleged a huge sum of money purportedly close to half a billion FCFA (more than FCFA 500.000.000) was taken away by criminals. Tongues are still waging as to why Mama Fouda’s residence has become fertile ground for thieves. Some newspaper even reported the disappearance of valuable jewelry and firearms. Several elements of the Special Rapid Intervention (ESIR) police were deployed in the area after the incident. Those who had spent the night on patrol in the area were calling all passers of the lane that leads to Mama Fouda, we learn. This is not the first time that bandits have visited André Mama Fouda. Last year, was the money belonging to the Association for mutual aid and solidarity of the elites and forces of Mfoundi that thieves carried away. In 2012, newspapers reported that more than 300 million CFA francs had been stolen in the minister’s residence in Obobogo in Yaounde.

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