Thursday, June 2, 2016

Looking Glass: What You Need to Know about GUFAYA Vocational Training Institute for the Destitute GUVOTID Nkambe

GUFAYA Vocational Training Institute for the Destitute GUVOTID Nkambe, is the citadel of profession education in Donga Mantung Divisio. On May 27, 2016 marked it 23 years of continued existence by organizing an "Open Day" to the public. Addressing invitees, the Director Abanda Marcel disclosed that GUFAYA started as a documentation centre in 1993 with just one rover type-writer yet the zeal by it founder to contribute towards changing lives has produced the tangible results that now call for celebration. He said that by 2002, GUFAYA bought her first ever computer while the number of trainees increased to 10. Though Madame GUFAYA had 10 students who were very excited to be trained on ICTs, she also needed some skills to be able to use the new device. "Luckily enough, there was a transition at the CNPS Nkambe and one very hansome young man from our brotherhood Region was the Jesus Christ in Computing" thus Mr. Mufor Francis, a computer wizard did his best to set the pace by empowering the founder on how to use the computer. This was when operating a computer in a village setup was synonymous to practicing witchcraft. Many would remember the ecstasy and jubilation that saluted the first document that was printed by the then Divisional Delegate of Agriculture. By 2013, GUFAYA had trained over 100 youths and with this success story, the vision for its transformation was tabled to the Minister of Employment and Vocational Training for approval. Fortunately, on April 19, 2014, Zackari Perevet endorsed the file for creation of the first vocational training institution in Donga Mantung Division.
It should be recalled that GUFAYA Vocational Training institute for the Destitute GUVOTID, went operational in September 2014 that same year; with 18 trainees and at the end of that academic year, the number moved to 31 trainees. Today, a total of 60 trainees are being trained in the various fields of specialization in both Level One and Two. The three departments are:
· Office Automation/Secretary-ship
This department is endowed with 10 Computers, Printers, Photocopies, and all that it takes for a secretary to be trained.
· Body Care and Hair Dressing
The trainees are trained in body care, massaging, ETC
· Catering and Hospitality Management
This department also runs an outdoor catering service that empowers trainees in active professional activities. The service is able to manage a population up to 1000. It is endowed with a gas and firewood kitchen, utensils etc.
In GUFAYA, the training of trainees is 70% practical and 30% theory. Besides, the trade subjects, students also study some general subjects like, English Language, French, Maths, Citizenship, Environmental Science, Computer Task, Computer Application (excel, Access, etc),Internet, Integration and Professional Life.
It is for this reason that Madame Ajara, Fourth Deputy Mayor of Nkambe Council was categorical that GUFAYA is a source of inspiration and the future of young girls. On his part the Asssitant Divisional Officer for Nkambe expressed gratitude to the founder Madame GUFAYA and staff for transforming lives adding that professional education is the key to self employment.
GUFAYA it is worth mentioning enjoys very good collaboration from the Divisional Delegation of Employment and Vocational Training, the Administration, SAR/SM Nkambe, GSS Nyanji. GTC Mbot and the National Youth Council.
However, Madame GUFAYA says the institution is looking forward partnering with goodwill persons to continue to empower youths in the various trades. Though contributing significantly in non-material benefits (such as social peace, democracy, tolerance, social capital, social integration)GUFAYA has not had the opportunity to benefit from any subvention or support. As the institution clocks 23, this is an opportunity for the general public to offer scholarship to some trainees and or give some donation says Abanda Marcel.

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