Thursday, July 21, 2016

2016 General Baccalaureate results Released

The 2016 General Baccalaureate results have been released and success rate stands at 52.72% against 57.14% for the year 2015. These figures indicate a real decline of success. According to the classification of regions, four regions recorded a higher percentage than the national pass rate. The South West region ranks first with a success rate of 60% followed by the Littoral region which remains in second place with a success rate of 58.09% followed in turn by the Central region in third place with a success rate of 57.41% . The North West Region on the contrary dropped to the fourth position with a percentage of 52.86% meanwhile the Far North is last position with 40%.
According to the Director of the Office of Baccalaureate, Zechariah Mbatsogo, this decline is due to an increase in the number of candidates. 104,692candidates registered this year, against 90,759 in 2015. The statistical the commercial baccalaureate recorded an increased from 55.53% in 2015 to 49.08% in 2016.

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