Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Response to "As National Exco of Ntundip Abee Steps Down, Here are the Stakes and Implications”

We received this response from a certain Wanja Abdul Aziz in relation to the story we published with the caption “As National Exco of Ntundip Abee Steps Down, Here are the Stakes and Implications”. We do not know whether he a member of the exco or the Ntundip palace's spokesperson or a floor member, but since our duty is to give a fair hearing to whosoever, we decided to post his reply for your appreciation. In his reponse he raised some pertinent issues and even attacked us, but that is not our interest for now. Notwithstanding, The has been hinted that Abdul Aziz is the new Secretary of the Interim Exco of Ntundip Abee...details soon...(Worries to be answered soon, since he went personal). 
Here below is the response by Wanja Abdul Aziz

He writes:

When I read what you posted on your blog, something deep down urged me to remain mute on the issue, but after profound contemplation, I thought it will be good, in all honesty, to let your readers understand the problem and draw their individual conclusions thereafter. But, there are a lot more facts that I have intentionally kept within me which would have buttressed the few points I will raise here. This is because I want our village issues to remain within us and not for public consumption on the audio -visual social media land scape by all and sundry.
            A superficial glance at the article you published seemingly makes it worthy of praise, but a critical analysis renders it far fetch from reality and it beats my imagination whether any in depth investigation was done on  your part before its publication. The acclaimed reason for the resignation of the National Exco of Ntundip Abee is a concoction of the truth. This is rather unfortunate, but I want your readers to understand that the members of the so called “resigned national exco of Ntundip Abee” do not only have personal and collective interest but have also stood firm with one faction of the Douala branch of Ntundip Abee which, of course, is the Genesis of this unfortunate inflammatory rhetoric that has degenerated into utter mayhem to the benefit of nobody.
We (Ntundipians) acknowledge that there is a minor internal squabble at the Douala branch which should be solved, I suppose, by the national exco. To my greatest dismay, this same exco instead of playing their role, may be, and just may be because of the afore- mentioned reasons have opted to resign and, as if enough was not enough, they accused the Fon of Ntundip of supporting one of the factions. Who is to blame? What is then their role if they cannot amicably, without pride or prejudice resolve problems at the branch levels? Once more, it is unfortunate!
            When you say that there is no exco to galvanize “Ntundipians,” are you insinuating that the former exco of Ntundip Abee was a group of special individuals who could not be replaced? Did they elect themselves or were they elected? You know as well as I do and everyone else that, when we talk of an election in a democratic forum like “Ntundip Abee, for example, it means that two or more persons contested for each and every post. Hence, if someone in all honesty resigns, others will be elected to replace him/her. This is because no one is indispensable in our village.
            The picture of the report card you presented is quite a good one. But I know that one of us certainly gave you the information as per the fifteen years span you examined in your article.
            Dear readers, you should know that this “resigned exco” have not been in power for the past fifteen years and as such no one and, I mean no one should attribute the development efforts and achievements of Ntundip village solely on them. As a matter of fact, this resigned exco to the best of my knowledge cannot show case any concrete project that they have realized. On the other hand, the painted picture of that report card has a negative. But I will not, as earlier mention, for the love of not wanting to wash our dirty hands in public enumerate them. However, if they Guinness Book of record authorities decides to start recording the odd things people do as some form of achievement, I will summit this list to them. God forbid!
            Again, I actually wonder whether your so called five embezzlers in the Douala branch were ever granted any interview by any journalistic charlatan. Or were you, as the French people say manifesting hatred for a dog and consequently giving it a bad name so as to kill it? The plain truth is that the development of our village has never and will never depend not even on twenty five self centered individuals who think that without them the village will cease to exist.
            Thank God, the eye does not only reports and criticizes. You suggested rightly that the Fon should compel those five embezzlers to “cough out” whatever that means, the sum of one million two hundred thousand francs in their stomach, I think! Is it the same Fon accused in your article for meddling and supporting embezzlers or a different one? It is funny indeed!
            If we continue to manifest these self centered and egoistic tendencies, I again, wonder when a Mbum man will ever despise mediocrity and reward excellence.
            Let me remind you that our young, energetic, and level headed Fon did exactly what you suggested not once, not twice, but thrice, yet to no avail. This resigned exco with cohorts in Douala failed to honour the Fon’s persistent reconciliatory efforts. It is good to keep you inform that the faction of these so called embezzlers have always honoured the Fon’s invitation and were even ready to present not only the statement of account but the “cough out” sum in their keeping, so to speak. But, whom to?
            Well, I understand that in Cameroon, people think differently and say/ do things differently. But frankly speaking, whom do you think the third but last paragraph of your article can blind fold?
            While I differ with you in most of what you say, I vehemently agree with you that in unity we stand and divided we fall. But let me reiterate that if we need to fall apart so that we can sustainably stand for ever, it is not only better for us but mandatory!
            Nowadays, no one can deny the pivotal and powerful role the social media is playing in exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of societal issues. But again, it is unfortunate when by error or design, some folks decide to use it as an all-out attempt to condemn innocent individuals particularly on issues there are not familiar with in the first place.
            Finally, since this medium was use to disseminate your information or should I say your misinformation, I will also use it to let you and your readers know that the unnecessary conundrum that manifested its ugly self in the Douala branch of Ntundip Abee has been resolved, though in the absence of the renegade Exco and the interim Exco of the Douala branch. This was done on the 17th of July, 2016 at the Ntundip Fon’s palace in an enlarged general assembly attended by more than forty sons and daughters of this renowned Eldorado in the Mbum land. Thanks.

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