Monday, July 4, 2016

As National Exco of Ntundip Abee Steps Down, Here are the Stakes and Implications

On Saturday July 2, 2016 the entire executive of the Ntundip Development Union commonly known as
Ntundip Abee resigned in frustration accusing the fon of meddling in its management and protecting embezzlers of development funds. This action is definitely going to have devastating consequences on the development of a village which has developed thanks to self reliance after it was abandoned by government.  Now that there is no EXCO to galvanize Ntundipians to continue to contribute for development the village, it is feared that development efforts in the village will come to a standstill. Just take a look at some of the achievements of Ntundip Abee in less than 15 years.
The Report Card of Ntundip Abee that has just been shut down
·         Rehabilitation of GS Ntundip
·         Construction of a multipurpose community hall
·          Rehabilitation of bridges linking Kuvlu and Nseh villages
·          Rehabilitation and extension of water supply scheme.
·         Extension of electricity to parts of the village
·         Renovation of the palace
·         Organisation and sponsorship of 2011 bfu bfu celebration
·         Construction of five class rooms at GSS Ntundip
·          Follow up of documents to permit the Fon earn his monthly salary from government
·          Continuous education sensitization and mobilization of the people to donate annually for development projects
·         Assisting the churches
·          Assisting the Fon through the traditional council to solve conflicts in the village
·          Rehabilitation of the road through road maintenance committees
·          Empowering the women and youths
The most interesting thing is that the development union has been able to stand out of the madding crowd with an average of one project per year in fifteen years of continued existence. This is a record that would have merit to enter into the GUINNESS Book of Record yet some few individuals have decided to toll with the destiny of a whole generation.
Stakes and Implications
In fact, considering the achievements so far realized by Ntundip Abee, it would be fool Hardy to allow things to degenerate. Worries as to whether the few embezzlers in Douala who ran “helter scalter” to hide under throne and the fon could do better abounds high. The truth is that even in 100 years, the five guys in Douala and the fon can never ever realize a quarter of what the union has achieved in 15years.
It is worth mentioning that The Eye does not only report and criticize, we are suggesting that the Fon should cause the embezzlers to cough out the one million two hundred thousand and deposits the financial records in their keeping. If that is done, he can call for a reconciliation meeting. That is our humble advice.
Notwithstanding, all attempts to talk to some members of the resigned EXCO on the achievements of Ntundip Abee failed as they maintained sealed lips. One of them even banged his phone on us\ saying they no longer have anything to do with the association that we should rather contact the fon who is the new coordinator but the Eye investigated and got some of the major achievements listed above.
It is interesting that some of the projects directly benefit the Fon who is now seen to be standing on the way to development.
It is time for renowned levelheaded elite(s) like Dr Nick Ngwanyam, Dr Tandap Lucas, Oswald Ngwang, Nji Zebulon Nji Samuel, Captain Ngwang Martin etc etc to act fast and bring the village together including the fon in order to resolve this matter before the village start suffering because of few position mongers who have planted the seed of discord just because they want to be the ones incharge. Leadership as Ntumfor says is an appointment from God and should not be imposed on whosoever. It is even alleged that part of the money in individual pockets in Douala was meant for the construction of classrooms at GSS Ntundip where the Fon is a student and had just written his “Ordinary Levels”. One Bamenda based floor member even questioned that if the other branches pocketed their own contribution the secondary where he (the fon) studies would not have been constructed. Ntundip stands to gain a lot in unity than in pieces.


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