Friday, July 1, 2016

At Last Late President Ahidjo's Daughter Gets Meager Job

Aminatou Picks Crumbs
Aminatou Ahidjo, the daughter of Late President Ahidjo has been appointed chairlady of the Board of Directors of the Yaounde Conference Centre (Congress Hall). Aminatou was appointed by Paul Biya in a Presidential decree which observers say is compensatory for decision to militate in the CPDM. Though popular opinion thinks the appointment is more like peanuts, another school of thought holds that at least she has been given a position where she could get access to some crumbs.  Many have been wondering how Aminatou could militate in the CPDM and support Biya when her father is still buried in Senegal and her mother still lives in Exile. Yet classified sources say the move could be a step for the family of late President Ahidjo repatriate the corps of the former head of state. Pundits had long appointed her Minister of social affairs but President Biya has defied all the speculations.

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