Saturday, July 9, 2016

Shey Jones Ends Political Wrangling within CPDM in Nwa

Shey Jones Yembe
Shey Jones Yembe, Divisional Coordinator of the CPDM enjoined the newly elected section Executive to make sure that the spirit of mutual coexistence strives. Before performing the installation, Shey Jones reminded CPDM militants that they have always made Donga Mantung Division proud. “In the last elections Nwa won the Parliamentary seat and the council for the CPDM”, this he continued is a mark of seriousness that should be solidified. Harping on how Nwa has always made Donga Mantung people proud in all the spheres of life, he recounted how the first PHD holder, degree holder, first senator for Donga Mantung as well as the first ever personality from Division to be appointed a full minister (all came from Nwa). He also told militants that the Divisional coordination doesn’t replace the Section. “Section Presidents remain the bosses of the party at the grassroots” he added. He called on the elected officials to make sure that their ambitions coincide with party “let the party not be a victim. Lead and let others live”. He urged militants to adopt the principle of sharing, as well as learn how to forgive and forget.

Welcoming the team led by Shey Jones, the Section President Elect for Donga Mantung V (Nwa), Hon. Genesis Mbucksek expressed thanks to the chairman of the CPDM for putting in place the coordination. Hon.Genesis Mbucksek used the opportunity to plead on President Biya to upgrade Nwa Sub Division into a full-flesh Division by creating the Mantung Division. He reiterated that if this is done, it will go a long way to disenclave Nwa Sub Division. He lauded the CPDM militants in Nwa for their loyalty in the CPDM party.
Hon. Genesis Mbucksek/Dr. Ngomfe Loma David
Focusing on internal reconciliation to win next elections and improve the party’s declining image was one of the successes of the mission by the coordination to Nwa, though boosting the party’s image looks to be a tough task considering the wrangling that erupted after the elections which Hon. Genesis Mbucksek trashed Dr. Ngomfe Loma David. “My other priority is to start reconciliation efforts at the grass roots level. I will visit all sub sections to consolidate the efforts so far deployed by the coordination,” Hon. Genesis Mbucksek said. The hope is that the party will be more stable he said, adding that the new political development is that of late the SDF has staged a spectacular comeback.
It should be recalled that this is not the first time that two elected officials have staged a public reconciliation since 2007. But during the last CPDM party reogranisation, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek proved to be more powerful than the mayor as he crushed him to emerge the winner. "He seems to be in a very strong position. Obviously we support him strongly because of what he stands for," says John Kihchie. What we do not need right now is constant wrangling because it is this kind of behaviour that may lead to election chaos.
However, if not of Shey Jones, some CPDM politicians have done little to reconcile the two elected officials since 2007, and “we continue to live as if nothing is wrong” he continued. “We want to see leaders travel together to preach unity”. Shey Jones has started this initiative for the CPDM in Nwa and I wish that the two main persons forgive one another though its difficult to forget. 

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