Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sis Elvine Goh: The Latest Gospel Artist You Need to Listen

Sis Elvine Goh
Having gusto and reaching out to people with the words of God has motivated Sister Elvine Goh a young Wimbum Gospel singer into releasing her first Album titled: Testimony Praise.  She is a singer and songwriter “I started writing my songs since 2006” she says. Having the gusto s another thing and producing a musical is another but Sis. Elvine has surmounted all these barriers to release her first album which is making its way into the minds of Cameroonians. Once in a while choral singers (choir members) miss their calling and try to be singers as well as writers. Not so with Sis Elvine. She proves to be not only the perfect songwriter, but also an inestimable singer. With all of the worship and idiom any singer could create, Sis Goh treats these tunes with masterful feat. Those who took the pains to attend her musical launch at the Ideal Park Hotel in Bamenda last weekend would agree with this writer that Sis Goh has started her musical career on a very good footing.

It has not been easy but with God everything is possible I got the inspiration from God. Singing in the choir inspired me and I knew I could make it by the grace of God because since 2006 i have never given off my dreams of becoming a musician. The spirit of singing was always there till today I really thank God”. Sis Goh breathes new-fangled life into these self-penned songs, which have come to reality thanks to Ambiano Diko and above all, her producer Nellvi Tanghem. She expresses thanks and appreciation to her husband who believed in her skills and encouraged her into expressing herself in songs as well as Tatah Emmanuel Bantar and Tandap Samuel for encouraging her. In fact, Sis Goh is one of those artists that no one would ever regret to have given her a push, for the strength of God lies in the minds of those who give-cheerfully. Sis Goh is a bulk of talent whose aim is to empower listeners to find power in God to triumph over every test and trial.

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