Monday, July 18, 2016

Technical School of Agriculture Nkambe Going (2)

An atmosphere of uncertainty looms at Technical School of Agriculture-TSA, Nkambe as final year students say plans by the school administration to frustrated them will meet stiff resistant. It is alleged that the students were told to pay an additional FCFA 50.000 if not they will not write the MINADER end of course examination. One student who preferred not to be named said that they would prefer to die than pay the extra FCFA 50.000 which they claim were not told. “If there is an increase in our tuition, MINADER should inform us, we were not told”, he emphasized.

It should be recalled that the reputation of TSA Nkambe has been taken into the mud by its present management. Of late, the puff at TSA Nkambe we gathered reached the point that the school administration could only get solace thanks to the intervention of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division. This was when pedagogic staff of the school issued a letter, decrying the nonpayment of allowances and later took to the street to stage a peaceful protest march to the SDO's office to express their grievances. 
Reasons for the falling standards of training at TSA Nkambe have attracted much public discussions recently to the point that diverse opinions have questioned whether the management was up to the task. Yet, TSA Nkambe is going down into the doldrums again as an imminent strike action looms large.  Though students have been silent over the absence of training instruments such as poultry farms, etc another school of thought holds that the sky rocket problem is indicative of administrative lapses and failure on the part of management. The bad news follows other indications that teaching and learning standards at TSA Nkambe are slipping when measured against others. Other commentators suggested that the high rate of disorder and trickery moves is a severe blow to Government and bad news for the youths who have passed through the school. "How can Donga Mantung hope to compete economically if our young people are not as well-trained as those in other places? An authoritative voice questioned.
The question many have been asking on the growing anguish at TSA Nkambe is whether what was prescribed as school fees has been respected? Given that some students were brandishing receipts showing that they had completed their fees. “This is my receipt. It shows I my paid all my fees but today July 18, 2016 I am being told to pay FCFA 50.000 tomorrow before I write MINADER Exams”, one female student argued in anger.

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